Funny meme made me think of Huel


"If only there was a solution :smirk: "

This will be coming to a Facebook page near you very soon! Thanks for sharing!

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Reminds me of huel as well. Supposed to be a quick meal fix but by the time you’ve shaken it, left it overnight, bought a nutribullet, added ice you could have made beans on toast.

Unless you love the powdery splodges which I know some folks do. :joy:

It takes me less than 2 minutes to make it in a shaker and less than 2.minutes to clean it. Not sure what the hell you are doing. Admittedly I do leave it overnight in the fridge but while I sleep it does it’s thing and there’s no effort.

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Oh I’m happy to accept it’s me not huel, but our shared experiences definitely differ.

I just gave up in the end cause I couldn’t bear the lumps. I’ve got an entirely unopened bag if you’d like it. It is at least a year old tho

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I don’t know why some people seem to have lumps.

My very basic and tried and tested method is 400ml of cold water in first. 100g of Huel powder on top. Put in the grid and screw on the lid. Swirl in a circular horizontal mode for about 10 seconds and shake for about 15 seconds. Quite hard but not vigorously.
Overnight in fridge and no lumps.

This works every time.

Admittedly there were some lumps in earlier versions of the powder but I didn’t mind them.


I think it’s the overnighting but that’s too thick for me then.

I’m not slagging huel off at all I really liked the concept and it worked for me. I just got to the stage where I’d be gagging even before I started drinking cause I was expecting lumps (and got them!) so I had to stop using it.

It was the vanilla black, maybe the flavours are different?

Ah well you know they say you can’t please all of the people don’t they

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I like Huel smooth and thick after a night in the cooler, but it’s also good fresh and lumpy, extra nice to chew on the tasty bits.

Swirl in a circular horizontal mode for about 10 seconds and shake for about 15 seconds. Quite hard but not vigorously

:point_up: diggin’ the latest moves! :man_dancing:

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Second this - no issues here.


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