Smooth Huel with No Blender or Scales

Some people struggle with lumps in their Huel, and even getting solid bits stuck in the top. This is my method of mixing up some smooth Huel without using a blender.

  1. Put a mixer ball into the shaker.
  2. Put 400ml of water in.
  3. Put 3 scoops of Huel in - to get a level scoop, first over-fill the scoop, then repeatedly tap the side of it until the gaps fill up, then just scrape any excess off the top. Don’t compress the powder into the scoop as you will probably end up with more than 38g.
  4. Close the lid of the shaker and vigorously wiggle it from side to side for 10 seconds.
  5. Vigorously shake it up and down for 10 seconds.
  6. Add another 150ml of water to the shaker.
  7. Vigorously shake it up and down for another 10 seconds.
  8. Smooth Huel!

The reason I put only 400ml of water in first is because this leaves more space for the mixture to bash around with the mixer ball, thus doing a better job of pulverising it than if you put all the water in at the beginning.


I don’t even bother going that far and mine seems perfectly smooth - at lunch I tip half a bottle of water in the shaker supplied, tip 4 scoops of huel on top, put on the lid, pour in the water, shake it for about 20 seconds and I’m away :slight_smile:
Dunno why people think it’s so hard to get right, maybe they put in less water than me (about 650ml maybe?)

Nutri Bullet. 5-10 second whizz. Perfect Huel every time. Never had a lump !!

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For months I ALWAYS blended Huel, because of the horror stories of the dreaded lumps… Then one day I didn’t have a blender to hand. It had a few small lumps. I liked the lumps. A lot. Now I never blend it. The small lumps really enhance the taste and texture of my Huel…delish.


Spoken like a true pro @Marcus! Never used a blender ball however. I do sometimes get the dry Huel stuck in the cap though for no apparent reason, really bizarre. @hunzas I like the occasional lump too!


It works! Thanks!

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Works great, thanks!

(loving simple tips!)

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I noticed the same a while ago. I remember even asking if the recipe has changed between the lumpy and non-lumpy batches.
But it wasn’t just my imagination - Huel used to be lumpy, then at some point became less so. My explanation is that something having to do with ingredients changed. Maybe the sourcing of the oats, maybe the humidity of the powder. Dunno. All I know is that next time I’ll buy Huel I might have to start blending again. Or might not have to :slight_smile:

Sounds right…I never even tried shaking it first if I am honest…went straight to blender mode…but one thing I have noticed more recently is that with the new thickening agents, more liquid needs to be added to make it drinkable…although despite that the little lumps are still there which I am now partial to. I guess behind the scenes there are lots of small tweaks happening and there may also be slight inconsistencies between batches of say oats, even from same supplier.

Are you talking about Unflavoured? Vanilla Huel hasn’t got thicker.

I use a 50/50 mix for my Huel, and more recently it is noticeably thicker, and I guess it is due to the U/U. In that case for those using 100% U/U I can see why there is some unhappiness on the forum.

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