[Tip] Lump-free Huel with no blender

I have just found out that if you mix Huel with cold milk - hurrah, no lumps!

Hope this helps someone.

If anything I would have thought milk would lump it more.

However I’ve not suffered with lumps since I added one scoop at a time in between shaking.

I honestly think that the trick to no lumps is to shake really hard the first time. It’s quite aggressive but it works.

I definitely agree. If you don’t want to use the blender, shake really hard and, in my experience, the colder the water the better. I normally do it using a jam jar (usually 370 ml) where I put a scoop and around 200 ml of water. So, for a light lunch I would do this 3 times.

I love lumps…there I said it…

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