Mixing Latest Huel Version Cold Without A Mixer

I picked up a couple of bags of Huel back in May for use doing a long distance walk, and though it was almost perfect, the extreme lumpiness when mixed meant I had to send it all home and switch to more conventional food. Interestingly I was in walking in Scotland in Spring and met a guy who was in the same predicament - he was carrying Huel but couldn’t bring himself to drink (eat?) the lumpy mix.

I have read lots of posts with people suggesting techniques for reducing the lumpiness. I have tried them all and the results were only ever unpalatable compared to zapping it in my Nutri Ninja which gives it a perfect texture.

So my question is, what is the new Huel like to mix cold and without a mixer? Is it still very lumpy? I don’t want to order another bag if it is.

I was still getting some lumps with the new Huel. I now use a mixer ball and the problem has gone. I’d like to include a picture of said ball but don’t know how. Mine came with a cheap mixer bottle

It’s not bad. Smaller lumps. Sometimes none. But then the lumps never bother me much. I use the icebreaker screen in the huel shaker which seems to break things up a bit

Am I the only one that doesn’t mind the occasional lump? Something to chew on, adds a bit of texture and because Vanilla Huel has that oaty texture/taste, it’s just like porridge.

I’m still working my way through the old 2.2 and have found the optimum mix for fewest lumps + best texture is around 400ml of water mixed with 100g Huel.

Thanks. I picked one up and didn’t notice much of a difference, but maybe I’ll give it another go.

I really hate the lumps, but I was getting huge ones and lots of them - to a point where I couldn’t actually drink any Huel without swilling it around in my mouth first to try and break them up. Made the whole process pretty revolting.

I wonder if this is partly caused by packing it tightly in a container.

Yes. I think that’s a good ratio. That’s what I was using at home with my Nutri Ninja.

Huel is much thicker than Soylent. It’s the only downside I see. Interestingly, I manage to make it without a blender. I use a bit less water, which leaves more space in the bottle and makes it easier to agitate the mixture. There’s more room inside to “slosh,” which makes it easier to break up lumps. Then I add more water to dilute it.

I see from Is Huel v2.2 too thick? that about half of users think it’s too thick, half think it’s fine. Definitely seems like they went overboard with the gum agents. You can’t please everyone, but the distribution of preferences should be equal between half thinking it’s thick versus thin. I much preferred Soylent’s consistency, if it only weren’t so synthetic.

(I’m on the US version of Huel, which has always used calcium carbonate)