Lumpy Huel?

Anyone noticed their recent batch of Huel (Vanilla) goes and stays lumpy?

Mine’s all OK, but how are you making your Huel? Sure we can tweak your technique to minimise this!

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Yes, I’ve had to use 2 scoops with the same amount of water in my most recent delivery, because 3 scoops makes sludge and lumps and it’s gross lol. My last order was so smooth and I tried all the tips.
Using only 2 scoops seems to have fixed it but now i have to have 3 Huel’s instead of 2

I take it you shake it? Try using a blender then, I always blend mine, always preferred it that way. I blend the lot at night for the next day and shove em in the fridge.

Mmmmm! The lumps are like little oaty surprises! Its why i drink my Huel out of an opaque container!


yea lately am finding it lumpy too, but started using a blender and it’s a different drink entirely!

Can’t even remember the last time I shook, but I got lumps most times.

I haven’t had lumps for ages…and I shake not blend. with water. In a Huel branded shaker.

Incidentally, my local aldi had the Huel shakers for sale this week for a couple of quid. Same shaker, different branding, but no doubt if it is as cheaply printed as Huel ones the words will wear off in a few days, and then you can write Huel on with a sharpie.


Yes I’ve had the exact same problem. It’s also way too thick to blend, it needed way more water than usual, and the lumps I’m getting are HUGE, not the normal small ones which I also like. One of them blocked my sink when I emptied it haha.

Are you trying to make concrete? How much water do you normally use, I blend 400ml to 3 scoops ( 125 grams to be exact ) and it’s fine.

Blimey that would be too thick for my liking. I prefer 500ml and 100g.

171g on 700ml here, thick but nice :ok_hand:

Sounds like its time for some painting on those Aldi shakers

Never had a problem with lumps and I shake! :smiley:

It’s usually a bit over the 400ml line, nearer to 450ml and after blending it’s over the 500ml line.

:point_up: Yep!

I try and shake it so as not to make the consistency too even.

When was the last time you got a Huel shaker? The latest version retains the branding really well.

Evidence: (this shaker is about 6 months old I would guess. Always hand washed and rarely transported though to be fair)

I never let the truth get in the way of a pisstake.

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