Who's a very thick Hueler?

Just throwing this out there to see if I’m a Billy Nomates or part of a special cult amongst Hueligans.

In short, I have my Huel. Very. Very. Thick.

I hardly use any water and eat it with a spoon in a bowl like a very thick porridge. I can’t stand it when it’s like water and can kinda enjoy it like a thick milkshake but definitely prefer it best as thick as possible.

Who else out there is a really thick Hueler?

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I need to try that. I use four scoops in the shaker so it’s pretty thick, but not porridge thick. Do you have to blend it? I can’t be bothered with blenders.

How do you not get lumps of powder?

@hunzas is very thick. Not sure how he likes his Huel though.


but tell first the proportion you like, mine is 3 spoons and 650ml

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Ah, so I’m thicker than you at 3 scoops per 500ml liquids.

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I had my first serving today, 400ml to 100g, and I found that a little watery, so I’m going to try 350ml to 100g fior my next one. I too prefer it more porridge like.

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Have you tried 100ml Alpro almond milk/300ml water with 100g Huel then fridge for a few hours. Gets pretty thick due to the extra gums in Alpro.


Hi David

I basically “blend” it with my spoon, so in short, it’s that well blended at all! I’m probably very weird (ha, no comment!) as I actually prefer it as an imperfect, roughish texture (think crunchy peanut butter) rather than totally smooth.

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I like my Huel like I like my men: vegan


Ha, I do get lumps but I regard this is as a plus rather than a negative :joy:

I’ve never measured it but I basically pour enough water (and a little bit more) to cover the 3 spoonfuls and then whisk it like crazy with a spoon, so I would hazard a guess that my water content is roughly half your amount.

I honestly couldn’t imagine anything worse. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Each to their own!

Very true, enjoy your lumpy, powdery, vanilla flavor soup. :slight_smile:


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Personally I avoid almond milk, but I may try it with oat milk or rice milk.


@Sunseekermike I drink mine really watery. I don’t like drinking it thick like a milkshake.
But I have tried the UU warm and like a very thick porridge. I liked that very much - eaten with a spoon. I wouldn’t eat any of that flavoured like that tho - i find they need to be soaked for hrs, very chilled, and very watery, to dilute the sweetness.

So, I’m intrigued to know which flavour(s) you are eating thick?


Basically the only flavour I really like is Original although I’ve dabbled with New Vanilla. I like Original thick by itself or sometimes with Toffee or Rhubarb flavours. I can’t stand the new Chocolate flavour but each to their own!

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I love rhubarb and custard flavour boost :yum: