This may be unpopular but

This may be unpopular but I really like the thickness/ texture of the new huel. To be fair, I hadn’t tried the old version but generally I like my shakes / porridge / stews / insert food stuff here to be as thick as possible. It feels more substantial to me and has a really satisfying mouth feel. Anyone else in this camp?

My criticisms of huel are primarily about the slightly higher than I would like carb / fat and protein ratio and the overly sweet flavour of the vanilla version. That said all of these can be managed by mixing with e.g. desiccated coconut / coconut milk / MCT oil / protein powder and by using a mix of the U&U and vanilla.

There seems to be a great deal of discussion on here about the thickness but ultimately huel is a highly customisable “base” which is very easy to adjust for your needs.


I make sure not to shake it to much so i have lumps… tastes like little bits of cookie dough to me and i love it :smiley:


Totally agree with you!

I love the viscosity of huel, minus the occasional lumps (which are no big anyway) it’s awesome, to be fair huel have even reminded the lumps in their most recent update.

I don’t get why people whinge so much to be totally honest, just add more water or less depending on how the heck you like it right?



After a certain point and at certain levels of sensitivity, adding more water becomes a bit much.

I like my intake at 400 milliliter to 400 calories, and as thin as watery possible. Almost anything past that point of thickness and I’m out, regardless of drink. It’s pretty given that the portion of people who can’t drink thick liquids might be a minority, but we’re around.

So I’ll add more water, right? To about near double than what I used to? Because 600mil doesn’t cut it where 400mil used to.

First off, the shaker is only so big. Second, I drink 4-5 or in periods 6-7 or more shakes a day.

To even make it palatable - to me - I’d have to go well beyond shaker capability. At five times a day that’s well over 3.5 liters a day and a hassle. So no. At more than five times a day, that’s waaaay more water than I’m comfortable with. And to imagine I used to drink the nutrionally exact same stuff on far less water than is required today…

In the end I’ve opted to change provider, to brands that can supply 400 calories on a far lesser amount of total mass. My bladder thanks me.

And so on and so forth, yada yada.

To just “add more water” is pretty much the exact same argument as “add less water”. Only in this case, I’m being pushed towards adding more water and simultaneously reaching the point of quitting Huel. Degrees of palatability apply.

The portion of drinkers that can either stomach, enjoy or prefer the artificial thickness - and it is manufactured - have been showed to outnumber us that don’t. It is not an unpopular opinion per se, but any internet venue will gather the eh… vocal.

Where else are we going to whine and whinge about the good old days of yore? :slight_smile:

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I add 3 scoops to 500ml of water and there is lumps in it if I don’t shake it to much (which I like so I don’t) but if I shake it for another 30seconds longer it is just the consistency of water pretty much? I don’t understand how people are saying it’s to thick? Try it at the ratio suggested and it is not thick at all. I’ve been having 4 a day (4 x 500ml) plus my normal around 5ish pints of water a day and it doesn’t seem bad at all. (Around 9 pints is 5litres??) I am a fairly tall and active female at 5 foot 7 tho so guess I can stomach more than some!x

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I think I read somewhere you should try and drink more water when consuming huel tho? So the water in it kinda doesn’t count ?? I do feel thirsty after it if I have two in a row (6scoops 1000ml).

I’ve always enjoyed my Huel nice and thick, I use three scoops to around 300ml of water. This feels like a meal to me rather than a drink. I also always use a blender. I’ve never had a problem with the consistency of Huel and can’t imagine having it any thinner than I already have it :sunglasses:

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I am going to try it that thick but think it will be to much for me to handle :smiley: I’m team thin and lumpy! Haha x

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I really don’t find it that thick with 300ml of water. I use a nutribullet blender and it just whips it up into a nice creamy meal in seconds. I have another cheaper blender which when used doesn’t taste half as nice and can give a thicker result

Gen, If I owned Huel (i.e the company), I’d be tempted to try and keep customers like you by making older versions once or twice year, to order. Then people who love the older versions could make a large order to make it financially worth doing, and as it’d be order-in-advanced only, there would be minimal waste. It might bring back some of the people who have gone elsewhere.

But my business knowledge is limited to a GCSE and avid watching of Dragon’s Den, so it’s probably not viable to do.

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It’s been suggested under similar premises. A single batch of Huel, however, is 1000 bags. Or so I’ve been told.

Pre-orders would have to be pretty big. Although me and a few others around here would probably total up a few hundred bags at a shot, we’d likely not do so without the possibility of a refund/return policy. (I’d order 50bags of 1.2 without any hesitation, at any time.) And so on. Shipping would be a hassle as well. I’ve seen how they package orders of 16 bags and wouldn’t want a rerun of the experience.

I’ve been told the idea been considered and rejected… for now :slight_smile: