Is Huel v2.2 too thick?

I’ve seen a few reports now of people finding Huel v2.2 too thick, and I thought starting a poll like this could help the team see what the general consensus is to help them decide if further thickener changes are needed for future versions.

  • Huel v2.2 is too thick
  • Huel v2.2 is too thin
  • Huel v2.2 is the right thickness

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EDIT: Just thought I should add, I personally haven’t tried v2.2 so won’t be voting in this poll.


Thanks Icy Elemental. This is a brilliant idea. Well done :smiley:

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Oh, I thought you removed this because it makes no mention of type, vanilla or UU, two very different mixtures (with different customer bases, probably).

[edit] I’ve created a new UU poll.

There are 338 views of this poll but only 46 voters. I think that is a very sad poor turnout. I wonder why so few have voted?

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I haven’t tried v2.2 as yet so haven’t voted, although I have in the other poll for U&U which included an option for post v1.2.

I’m not certain, but I believe discourse forums count views as the number of page loads, not necessarily unique ones, so if someone viewed the thread 5 times, it would increase the vote count by 5, not 1. That, combined with the new poll which distinguishes between type, is likely why.

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I still have v2.1 left so haven’t ordered any 2.2 yet, perhaps this applies to others too?

Not being a Huel orderer myself, I was unaware there was such a difference. Jay posted a follow up poll a few days after mine that accounts for this difference, and can be found here.

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Possibly because thickness isn’t really the issue most people have with v2.2. It’s the lumpy, gloopyness that frustrates me. It just won’t shake into something smooth that’s nice to drink, even though I follow the exact same method as I did with v 2.1. I get lots of lumps and it’s just not pleasant. I’m hoping I just got a dodgy batch and that the next bag will be ok!


That is exactly my experience. With the previous version, I gave it a good shake for 30 seconds, left it 5 minutes, added extra water and gave it another quick shake and it was fine.

With 2.2 I spend double the time shaking and it still comes out with massive lumps (sometimes the size of 1/3 of a scoop).

This is annoying.


I faced issues with 2.2 with immersion blender too! I don’t want to user thermomix just to blend huel 2.2…

I’m on my second bag on v2.2 and this one is much easier to mix. Just like v2.1. Water + huel + good shake = tasty huel!

I’ve been transporting huel in a separate container to work and it seems to be better this way. My smoothest huel drinks come when I’ve shaken the powder in a separate tub before adding it to the water! I can;t explain that one but at least I’ve now got something drinkable. I’m now back to breakfast and lunch of huel monday to friday and breakfast only at the weekend. Excellent!

Just a quick tip, I’ve found that if I add water first and then the scoops of huel, it generally mixes smoother

Thanks Charlie, I always add about 400ml of water first, then huel, then shake, then a further 100ml of water.

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Been using Huel for about a year and a half now for 3 meals per day and so been through a few different versions, and 2.1 was perfect thickness i thought, where as 2.2 has gone back to some of the earlier versions which are too thick for me. I’m on unflavoured, unsweetened.

I only use 300ml water to three scoops Huel and v2.2 is just right for me

Finding exactly the same problem - I’m having to use more almond milk now which frustratingly means a carton makes 1.5 drinks rather than the two.

Had my first Huel ever this morning, following the directions down to the letter. Thought I had it thoroughly shaken after some time, but at the end I still had a lump roughly equivalent to 1/3 of a scoop, which seems a bit of a waste. I didn’t find the drink itself too thick, just that big lump was a waste (I could deal with the little lumps I detected along the way).

OMG, I’m so disappointed! Huel 2.2 is much worse for me. Both by taste and thickness (thicker!). I was never a fan of Huel thickness and texture compared to other powder foods and now it is even worse (I was buying it cause of ingredients) :frowning: Not sure if I’ll buy it again. I hope that guys from Huel will change something.

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Yours must be like freshly mixed concrete :open_mouth:

For what it’s worth I find 2.2 to be roughly as thick as 2.1 but with an improved taste (vanilla only). Can’t comment on difference for unflavoured as I only just started on it with version 2.2 (which is also great by the way, surprised how nice it is with flavour pouches, on its own still just tastes like porridge).

Disclaimer: I am easily pleased

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