Is Unflavoured & Unsweetened Huel v2.2 too thick? (Polls)

As a follow-up to IcyElemental’s earlier poll: For those of you who would prefer to buy Unflavoured & Unsweetened Huel, how do you find the thickness of UU Huel v2.2?

If your preference is Vanilla flavour, please skip the two polls in this post, thank you.

  • UU Huel v2.2 is the right thickness
  • UU Huel v2.2 is too thick
  • UU Huel v2.2 is too thin

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If you haven’t yet tried v2.2 (and even those who have), how did you find the thickness of other post-v1.2 blends?

  • The right thickness
  • Too thick
  • Too thin

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Thank you.

The results for 2.2 being too thick look to be pretty unanimous (taking into consideration that only 20 people have voted).

I’m surprised half of users found the texture just right for the other versions of UU that followed v1.2. 11 voters compared to the 9 who find it too thick, which is still pretty close. And perhaps many of the v1.2 fans have already gone (my bias may be showing).

I don’t know where the ‘too thin’ people are coming from. Perhaps their preference is something closer to porridge laced with cornflour (in which case, why not just add less water?).

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I think it’s in the expectation; if you expect porridge then porridge is fine.
That’s why I’d like to know from the Huel team what they see as the perfect texture and thickness. If their ideal is smooth porridge then we’d know what to expect and could have no complaints when smooth porridge is achieved!


Finally someone did this poll! I suggested it when v1.2 was shelved!

The poll was done for 2.0 as well, with 25% saying too thick, 50% saying it was good, and 25% saying it was still too thin at 2.0.

No I meant with regard to v1.2

Realistically 27 total voters (oddly if you calculate the percentages that figure can’t be true!) is too little to know the results currently, but would be interesting to see how it develops in time. I’ve yet to try the new version.

Rounding. 3 (11.1%) for too thin, 11 (40.7%) for too thick, 13 (48.1%) for just right for the second poll.

For the first, 1 for too thin (3.7%), 12 for just right (44.4%), 14 for too thick (51.9%).

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