Any plans to make Huel (US formula) thinner?

I have to pee an estimated twice as frequently as drinking the same calorie amount of Soylent (powder), when I mix both to a drinkable consistency. More pee breaks are ok in the office, but annoying when at the gym or doing other sports. It’s also tough when using Huel for hiking/climbing trips, as I have to bring much more water (heavy) to combine with the powder. Huel’s ingredients list is fantastic, much more reasonable than Soylent’s, but the amount of water it takes to get a consistency that isn’t porridge hampers the convenience that liquid food is supposed to promote. When the Huel bar comes to US that would be perfect. Take a bit then sip some water. As of now though, Huel is super thick, making it hard to drink throughout the day for most of my calories unless I carry multiple shaker bottles with me.

If it had the consistency/thickness of Soylent, that would be just right for me. Anything thinner would be an improvement. I know they made the UK formula thinner recently, per these surveys in which almost half of respondents found Huel too thick

but the US formula still inconveniently requires too much water. I am wondering if there are any plans to make the US formula thinner.

The short answer I was given on day one of this issue is no.

The longer answer is that by popular request they’ll fill out this sentence with words and say a longer nooooo.

And just for fun I’ll add my favorite Huel picture, from right here on the forums. - Look how smooth it is.

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Hi guys - we’ll certainly look at this. We need to balance the gums to make a desirable concistency that the majority of people like.

I realised what you meant after a second but for that short moment I was picturing you trying to adjust mouth feel until the Huel user’s gums were adequately balanced within a gooey mouthful of Huel, not unlike the material dentists use for moulds. Thought I should share my moment of idiocy.