Recent order way too thick

My second order of unflavoured Huel v2.0 produces a lot thicker liquid, and I don’t like it at all. Has anyone experienced the same? (It reminds me of old Vanilla Huel v1.2.)

My hand blender is no longer sufficient to dissolve all the powder, some sticks to the walls of the shaker now:

Has the recipe been changed? If so, then why is it still called v2.0?

Please bring the thinner version back.

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There was a discussion the other month about the thickness, link below. Some of us really didn’t like it. V2 changed from batch 2439 to bring it in line with the Vanilla thickness.

A survey was carried out and the majority preferred it thicker. Some old V1.2 turned up so bought a stash of that, not sure what I’ll do when that runs out.

It’s been clearly stated that the thinner version will not be coming back. The survey stated that about 25% of customers thought it was too thick, 25% wanted it thicker and 50% thought it was fine the way it is.

I’m currently considering buying enough 1.2 to last me until July.

Yes, the recipe has changed to a new gum blend in order to “bring it in line with vanilla”. This change was unannounced a few batches into 2.0. A few batches of 2.0 ran with the old gum blend.

You are not alone.

Thanks for the explanations. So my understanding is that Unflavoured v2.0 was designed to be thicker, but this change was only implemented a couple of batches in.

I’m currently considering buying enough 1.2 to last me until July.

Where can it be ordered? I don’t see v1.2 in the shop.

Huel is now a chore.

Very well said.

One of the best things about Huel (and powdered nutrition in general) is that the problem of food becomes much easier to handle. No decisions to make about food and no time to waste preparing and consuming it.

For those of us who preferred the thin version, new Huel removes a lot of that simplicity. You cannot just gulp it down now, and there is some of that heavy feeling in your stomach that you get after eating a large volume of food.


@gen is right the results were equally split 25% of customers thought it was too thick, 25% wanted it thicker and 50% thought it was fine the way it is.

However, I did accept that unflavoured customers are more likely to use a flavour pouch which contains a small amount of gum, therefore we could reduce the gum in U&U by between 10% - 20% to allow for this.

We need to do some testing first.


With viscosity, the fullness factor has also increased. Not to mention the larger intake of water.

The 1.2 is available from the forum only;

So far as I know they were sitting at around 800 bags of each as of last month or so, and the lot expires somewhere in June/July of next year. Budget and impulse willing, I’ll probably order even more of this. Sitting at 24 bags atm. Not enough.

How much is 800 bags? This stuff could be gold dust!

I much, much prefer it thicker, as I find it a lot more filling. I’m sorry you do not like it thicker. I guess we are all different. Just add more water.


For some of us, the sheer amount of water necessary to make the viscosity palatable makes the consumption of it unpalatable.

For the same thinness I drink 1.2 and pre-gum 2.0 at, I’d have to drink thick 2.0 with almost twice as much water as before. To make it even remotely drinkable for me, it’s somewhere around 600 milliliters to 100grams, or more.

Do that five-six times a day, and I’m looking at 3-4 liters of water. A 25-50% increase.

When my 1.2 runs out, I’ll be running into the wall of having to quit Huel again. Not looking forward to it, but hey… it’s not gonna change back.

I stand on the other side of the argument, of course… why not just add less water to make it thicker?

And so on and so forth :smiley:

I guess it just not possible to ever please everybody. Totally impossible, since different people like things in different ways. Maybe we could suggest that Huel begin selling whole physalis husks so those of us who like it really thick and tummy filling can make it that way by adding the husks? Anyway, I find it hard to picture how it can have all the nutrients without being thick? It is made from real food. :smiley: :sunny:

Not sure how long you’ve been on Huel, here.

1.2 and about a month of 2.0, the UU had a different gum blend from the vanilla. A few batches into 2.0 that changed.

Before that blend, I could do 100g on 400 milliliters and it would not be very far off the viscosity of water. If you search the forum for ‘watery’ there’ll be a bunch of complaints about that.

2.0 was launched with the old gum blend. It quickly changed to ‘bring it in line with vanilla’. At 500 milliliters and 100g, it’s now about the thickness of a milkshake, and I can’t stomach having it in my mouth.

So yeah, it was perfectly watery at the exact same nutritional value. They just added emulsifiers. You know, carrageenan and gum arabic and the like.

For reasons.

Sorry to hear that you still don’t like Huel with the corrected thickness. As you’ve said, we needed to bring it in line so we had two of the same product, just with different flavours. People have been using the Vanilla Huel for 15 months and we have received close to no complaints about the thickness of it.

We are now happy with the thickness of UU Huel but appreciate that we should have phased it in, as opposed to changing completely. We have learnt our lesson on this and will do a better job at ensuring the changes are not too dramatic if we ever need to change something again.

Sorry for this, again.

Nah, I get it. You’re running a business in the end.

For now and for the next couple of months I still have the 1.2 you’re dumping out the backend. 32 bags so far. I’ll probably go up to 50 or 60, in the end, if it’s still there. Cheaper, too… yay.

It is not impossible to make everyone satisfied with the added thickeners. I would propose that the thickeners came in a separate bag.

I’m very mad that these big changes was not even announced. That is not acceptable, customers need to know what they are buying. How can we as customers still trust Huel?

Emulsifiers are far too small of an ingredient for this to be viable, or so I’ve had it explained to me.

We’re stuck with the current levels of thickness. It’s been clearly demonstrated to piss off as many people as it satisfies, and everything is dandy.