Vanilla too thick?

Is it just me or the vanilla huel is thicker than the unflavoured? Hopefully future versions will have similar consistencies. Flavour is great though!

Anybody get sick of vanilla after a while? I want to buy in bulk but I am unsure whether to buy vanilla only, simply because of the sweetness…

Also, will there be a redesign of the metal bottle? I bought one and need a second one. If there is a redesign it would be great so it is easier to pour into the bottle and add the powder.


Coming to the end of week two on vanilla. Huel only since day 3, no issues with it at all. I’ve bought more of the same.

Adding more or less water will change the thickness and leaving it overnight in the fridge changes it again - more or less milkshake consistency.

Perhaps buying a mix of the vanilla and unflavoured and combining the two??

Hi mate.

I’m having 4 scoops 3 times a day and have done so for the last 5 weeks or so - I still enjoy it. As long as it’s blended and served cold. If I ever fancy something different some frozen banana and strawberry makes for an excellent smoothie taste.

I’ve noticed the viscosity difference too. This is even more noticeable if you leave it overnight - Made a batch of unsweetened in the blender and left it overnight in the fridge it really settles out quite dramatically, much more than the vanilla. Really hard shaking barely unsticks what has fallen to the bottom. It’s a bit better if you mix the two types together, but there’s still a difference.

Is the only difference in ingredients vanilla flavour and sucralose? Or is there some kind of binding agent that keeps the sweetened suspended better?