Something wrong with unflavoured/unsweetened product


We ordered 8 bags of huel (4 vanilla and 4 unflavoured) plus coconut/pineapple sweetener. We tried unsweetened today and immediately realised that unflavoured huel has absolutely different consistency and thickness. Unflavoured product is very thin and not filling at all. It is more like water. We are hungry very soon after it. We did some photos below. It is clearly seen that unsweetened product much thinner and has much more sediment after using it. After 2 hours in a fridge it just separated in two parts - sediment and water below. When we finished our unflavoured huels we has a lot of sediment that we had to eat using spoons.

There are pictures of two huels - unsweetened on the left and vanilla on the right. Same proportions of water and products (ready shakes):

We even did a video but can not upload it here.

What could be done to improve it? We have four full bags of this product.

When did you order them? I read on here that they’ve recently changed the recipe of U/U Huel to add a thickener to bring it in line with Vanilla consistency.

The order was delivered today, Tuesday March 22.

From what I remember, @Julian recently mentioned they added Gum Arabic to U+U Huel to thicken it up and bring it in line with the Vanilla Huel consistency. This might be from an older batch that was prior to that being added.

U&U needs much less water than Vanilla. Just try with less water.

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Sure we’ve tried! We even added 5 scoops (190gms) for 550 ml. Absolutely the same. Thin liquid going up and a lot of sediment going down. It is not a question of quantity of product and its proportion to water, it is a question of organoleptic properties of the product.

I’m using the U&U without thickener at the moment and mine does this if I don’t blend it first. If I put it through the nutribullet it doesn’t separate at all even after storing in the fridge overnight.
I’ll be interested to see how the newer version compares because I hate the blending malarkey.

I use U/U, I blend it and leave it in the fridge overnight and yes it separates out, but a quick shake and it’s back to normal. I have some in front of me now and it looks like the one on the right in your picture i.e. the vanilla. I use 400ml water to 100g U/U huel with 10g of strawberry flavouring.