Unsweetened Huel Problems

So I’ve just got my first order of the unsweetened Huel, having been using the vanilla for quite some time now. The problem is that every time I make it the majority of the powder just settles at the bottom of the mix in an undrinkable sludge… I’m making it exactly the same way as I did the vanilla Huel, with 1.25 litres of semi skimmed milk and 250g of powder to make two meals, in a blender, so can anyone suggest why I’m getting such vastly different results? I haven’t seen anything similar on here besides the usual complaints about too many lumps from non-blenders, could it be a dodgy batch? Thanks guys :smile:

P.S. Shaking the mix just before drinking doesn’t work either - the ‘sludge’ is just too thick

This is normal behavior for the unsweetened version. We who drink it regularly have come to expect it. Anything north of 10 minutes of sitting and the shaker needs very, very aggressive shakes to become drinkable.


Really? That’s annoying - I wouldn’t have thought such a small change would affect it that much… Oh well, thanks for the info!