Huel 2.0 unshakeable

I have been a Huel user for some time, and was very happy with huel 1.2

Now I just received my first large batch of Huel 2.0, but I cannot make it shake.

It used to be that I could make it drinkable with a shakerball and a few seconds of shaking, now it remains very very clumpy, even if I put in very little Huel with each shake. (Making it hard to eat enough, as so much water is suddenly required).

Has anyone else had this experience?

From comments on the forum I think the thickness/consistency is quite variable at the moment between batches. My batch was quite hard to mix, resorted to a mix ball plus the grate and it still had lumps after lots of shaking. The tip about adding 400ml then shaking, then adding another 150ml helped a bit.

Mine is fine, even a bit thinner mix. What batch is it?

Mine was 2439 which is when they changed the gum mix to bring it in line with Vanilla

My batch is 2476.

I will try to add the water bit by bit, and maybe just keep the huel to water ratio very low.

Does anyone have an idea as to what makes the difference, is it the new salt addition?

I have noticed that Huel U&U 2.0 (batch 2476 for me) needs more water that 1.1, for the same thickness:
Before (1.1): 160 g + 600 ml
Now (2.0 batch 2476): 165 g + 800 ml

(I’m using a big 1 liter shaker).

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I have Huel from the same batch and cannot see any difference between 1.2 and 2.0. I add about 3 dl of water first then top it with 175g of Huel and top it with as much water as the shaker can hold. All of my shakes are 50% vanilla and 50% U/U. I do leave mine in the shaker overnight so perhaps that’s the difference?

I need a lot of water, more than double pr. serving of Huel than I used to.
Is this a faulty batch if several of us is having this issue?

Nope, I don’t see it as an issue, nor a fault.
I’m using several other powdered-meals brands (Trinkkost, Queal, Bertrand…). Each one and each recipe version his own water needs. Huel v2 is another new recipe, so it’s natural and sensible to find the new correct dilution.

New Huel User here, my Huel is very lumpy I’ll be buying a blender, I don’t mind that though.

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I mind in the sense that it was not an issue before. Now I have to drink 2 to 3 liters of waters to consume 500 calories worth of Huel. That seems like a massive functional issue compared to previous versions. Hydration is well and good, but I need to consume something like 2500 calories a day at least. This makes it almost impossible for me to continue using Huel.

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You are not alone. Batches have been reported to be of varying thickness, and at a certain stage in the 2.0 rollout a new gum blend was added - without changing the labeling - and it has brought it “in line with the vanilla flavor”.

I’m also adding more water. Damn shame, too, the calorie density of 1.2 was fantastic. I’d have to go for 3dl and 100 grams for the old mix to come even close to the 5dl 100g ratio of today.

Note your batch numbers. Bring your opinions.

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Thats 8g of salt a day with v2.0. Might want to keep an eye on your blood pressure if you did keep that up long term.

No issues here v2 using 500ml water with 3 scoops - either shaken and immediately consumed or blended and left overnight.

I sometimes throw in a blender ball as it makes it quicker to mix - maybe worth trying?

Thats around my experience too! How can they just completely destroy their own product like this? Now I need to shake all the time, and need to drink so much water that its almost impossible.

Its eroding the time advantage of Huel, and if a blender is suddenly required equipment, how can I use it whenever and whereever I want to?

Its also much harder to clean than the version 1.2, it leaves a thick sticky residue all over the shaker that is much harder to get rid of.

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I am using a mixer ball / blender ball, and that used to be enough, now I cant get it to mix probably even with several minutes of hard shaking.

I have another 8 bags of vanilla delivered today - i will make up one with that batch today and let you know what its like.

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Mixed up and absolutely fine no issues in blender or by hand. I use filtered water not sure if that makes a difference but never had any issues…

I don’t think vanilla has changed much, it was the unsweetened that had the gum mix changed to try and bring it in line with vanilla. Im wondering if this mix is changing between batches.

I used a shaker for the first time yesterday on V2.0 and it was fine, there must be a bad batch that will need sending back.