Huel 2.2

Ordered my first batch of Huel 2.2 yesterday (U/U). According to the Huelmans it’s got less thickener in it and all sorts of minor improvements. Excited to see if it’s thin enough to leave for 8 hours in a fridge and still be a nice drink.

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Im considering ordering some of this. How is it ? I prefer the thicker version, is it still thick ?

Anything else of note ?

Huel 2.2 is much thicker! It has a gloopy and jelly-like texture that I’m finding it very hard to get on with.


Really? Haven’t opened my yet. It can’t be thicker than 2.1… it’s supposed to have 10% less thickener and use one that’s smoother. I can’t get on with 2.1 cos of the thickness - depressed now :frowning:

Open it up and give us your review. Where did you read it is supposed to be 10% less thicker ? I read they removed one of the gums which people had a problem with but adjusted the levels of the others as to not spoil the texture. Im hoping for it to be thicker personally.

Double Thumbs up for v2.2 ! :grin:

Great shaking consistency, no lumps and now not ‘gritty’* when going straight mix to drink without an overnight in the fridge

  • ‘Gritty’ not being a negative point, quite liked it
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OK quick review:

Pros: taste improvement on 2.1. About the right consistency straight after mixing.

Cons: after 8 hours in a fridge it’s really really thick. I have to add about another 200ml of water to even get it out of the shaker. Gloopy.

Doesn’t mix as well as 1.2 or 2.1. I currently still have all three and in a test with the same amount of Huel and water 1.2 was mixed completely in about five shakes, 2.1 took about ten. 2.2 well I gave up after about five minutes. There are always lumps in it, with or without the ice guard. The lumps are quite tasty but I find I have to finish my drink with a spoon most meals.

Once I run out of my treasured 1.2 which I mix in with 2.1 and now 2.2 (about 80% 1.2) I will have to try and persevere with the gloop that Huel has become. I can’t be faffed to make smoothies or blend. I make my days supply the night before so looks like I’ll be drinking a lot of water from now on :slight_smile:

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Never tried 2.1 but I was a long time drinker of 1.2 - not a fan of 2.2 at all. The stuff is practically unmixable by hand, though I haven’t tried it in a blender. The odd lump here and there in 1.2 was fine and tasted kind of nice, this is just a soup of water and lumps.

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With you there

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Huel 2.2 doesn’t seem to mix as well as 2.1, not by hand at least. Also I found it seems to go off a lot quicker than 2.1 and have found clumps of what taste like salt also. Fair to say I haven’t been overly impressed with 2.2.

It basically comes out as jelly, it’s less a smoothy more pudding at this point.

Put it this way if it’s has elasticity it’s no longer a drink but a watery solid.

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I’ve been postponing my next shipment for quite a while now, as I’m worried about the texture of 2.2. I don’t use a blender and it does seem like many of you are having real problems mixing it in a shaker. Would be great to know if there’s a new version on its way.

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For what it’s worth, I have only tried 2.2, and I’m on my second order now. I have found mixing in the shaker fine, thought I usually blend it so I can put some fruit or ice in. But yeah, no issues. I find comments like ‘I find I have to finish my drink with a spoon most meals’ really odd - not my experience at all.


It’s worth a lot, actually.

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I also have no problem mixing 2.2 with the shaker.

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I think the differences are down to water. Sounds odd, but on holiday on the Isle of Wight mixing with the shaker worked every single time. Same Huel, same shaker and I’m back to lumps at home. If I sit and shake it for about 15 minutes vigorously then most have gone. But in the IOW no problems. I know the taste of tea relies heavily on the water…

For what it’s worth, being new to Huel, I blend 620g of water with 124g of Vanilla Huel and leave it overnight in the fridge. I am enjoying both the taste and the texture.

I used 2.0, 2.1 and now 2.2.

The taste and smell of 2.2 are the best. Definitely an improvement over 2.1. The texture is fine when it’s super fresh but after a while it gets gloopy and it gets really gloopy when you mix it with a warm liquid what I sometimes do during colder days.

Personally, I don’t like it thick at all. I would throw away all thickeners that have no other function. Especially, if you mix it with other stuff like fruits etc. You get a lot of extra thickness from them!

With no additional ingredients, I prefer it more liquid because it’s easier to drink. It helps me to increase my calory intake (what is my problem sometimes). You can always make it thicker if you wish, but it’s harder in the other way.

Overall, I’m still a fan and I like that you’re working on the perfect formula. I hope this short review will help.

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I mix 3,3 scoops with 500 ml water and I have no problems with texture. I use a blender at home and a shaker at work. It’s better from a blender (of course) but quite ok shaken. As I see no point in leaving it in the fridge overnight I don’t do that.