2.1 U/U not mixing well, at all...help :(

Just into my second bag of U/U 2.1 and it’s not good versus U/U 2.0.

At home I can use my blender, but not in work. However, I didn’t need my blender at all for 2.0 and it would mix well with as little as 400ml of water.

I’ve tried adding more water before and after…still super lumpy. Sometimes, lumps bigger than the mouthpiece (best description I could think of) on the shaker.

I’ve reverted to using a fork to break up the lumps, which kinda defeats the purpose.

Anybody know the reason for the change??

Sorry to hear that, there should be no difference in the mixability.

As you can imagine I’ve consumed a lot of Huel and this my favourite way to make it with a shaker…

400ml cold water

  • 3 scoops of Huel
  • three ice cubes
  • a teaspoon of coffee granules
  • hold the lid down with your index finger as you shake hard for 10 second
  • top up via the spout with another 200ml of water and re-shake
    v nice and no or just tiny lumps every time.

PS. If you leave in the fridge over night it’s even better.

Thanks Julian.

I’ll give the ice a try and report back. Incidentally, as much as I love coffee…I can’t do it in Huel!

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The first batches of U/U 2.0 had a different thickener mix than the later batches of U/U 2.0. So there can be a difference between Huel U/U 2.0 and Huel U/U 2.1.

Yea, I’d agree…it’s not the same. I’m keen to give the ice a bash as it might break it up. Although, it’s not a permanent solution as I can’t keep ice in work.

Was hoping some more folk had noticed it tbh…

Sorry I meant to say the later versions of v2 are the same.

The current version is the same/slightly less than vanilla. It’s a big difference for U&U but follow my instructions and you will be fine.

We conducted a survey and people in general think it is now the right thickness, previously the number one complaint about U&U was it’s too thin. In the recent survey the results were 50% say it’s just right, 25% too thin, 25% too thick.

I’ll give the ice a go, but, still not a practical answer for using in work/travelling.

I can’t accept that anyone would be happy with the lumps left in the shaker that I am experiencing. Maybe a rogue batch?

You don’t need ice.

Which batch do you have?

Having spent nearly £700 on version 1.2 this month for the same reason @Dragon is not getting on with version 2.1 I think you can conclude that I’m pretty passionate about my Huel intake. I emailed the Huel team this week and was told you sell approx 360 bags of 1.2 a month,this is why I ordered so much as your stocks are running low and may well be exhausted by the end of December. Any way I was thinking @Julian as you can produce limited runs of Huel ie the special edition of xmas pudding flavour would you not be able to make limited runs of version 2.1 U/U without the added thickner so that the 25% of us who do like it thin can still continue enjoying our Huel. I unfortunately will be an ex customer as soon as my stocks of 1.2 are finished such is my dislike of 2.0 onwards of U/U.


Fair play @Markh.

I was really enjoying my original 2.0 with the addition of the new nutrients, would just like that back!

@Julian - I need something because only a blender will smooth out the lumps. Where can I find the batch as opposed to the version?

On the back of the pouch.

2567 is printed on the bag with the BB date 10/2017.

I have some in the office I will test it tomorrow.

You are not alone in either that purchase amount, or your sentiment on the New UU. I’m at 40 bags myself, for close to 700 pounds as well.

So this is what, 3 liters a day? Not including other beverages and intake?

Fun times.

Seconded all the way. Let me pre-order four or six months of the stuff, then mix it when you’ve collected enough people to securely sell a good portion of the 1000 bags in the batch. Please :smiley:

A ittle feedback from @Julian would be good please as there is obviously a market for a thin 2.1U/U as the continuing sales of the 1.2 show,360bags monthly, and surely if a run of a 1000 bags constitutes a batch this could easily be sold along side existing products just as the older 1.2 version U/U is currently. Come on Huel team make it happen please.

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We are working on the gum blend. Bear with us.

Interested in hearing/testing the developments!

@Julian Did you get the chance to mix any of the batch I listed?

I’m on the new version from Monday and it is a little harder to mix. I now get the odd lump but nothing like the issues described here. Would point to inconsistencies in manufacture. I too would go for a thin variant. Wasn’t aware you could still but 1.2. Is there any left?