Thickness of v1 and v1.1

Hi peeps, I’m on my second order of Huel (2 weeks v1.1, 1.71kg), after finishing my first weeks order of v1, 1.74kg.

I found out about Huel from the Yahoo homepage newsfeed, otherwise I’d still be unaware. I’ve never heard of any other similar things before.

Huel suits me very much. My vegan lifestyle and anhedonic personality trait means that food for me is just a necessary nuisance. While consuming Huel is more expensive than my usual food costs, it obviously saves time in shopping, preparing, eating and cleaning, which is good.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when mixing 500ml of water with 100g of Huel, version 1.1 doesn’t seem to be as thick as v1. I prefer the thickness of v1, but it’s not a deal breaker. Perhaps it’s just my perception.


Just a little less water, hey presto thicker Huel.

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I will add less water, but the point was with equal amounts of Huel and water, v1.1 is thinner than v1. Not that I’m complaining though, it’s just an observation. What is different in v1.1 that would cause this?

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There were a few tweaks between v1.0 and v1.1. The biggest of which was the reduce the amount of the flavour system added, but shouldn’t make too much difference to the thickness. No new ingredients have been used.

@Julian My bags still say v1.0, yet I’m pretty sure it’s the newer version?

Whats the weight of the bag? 1.1 weight got reduced to 1.71kg, while the 1.0 is 1.74kg

@Marcus what makes you think your v1.0 pouch contains the newer version?

I thought I noticed a reduction in sweetness.

What changes were made in Huel 1.1?

The changes were minimal, we switched supplier of some of the ingredients which altered the nutritional profile a bit, but fundamentally it was the same formula. Then we reduced the sweetness a bit.

I have recently ordered the unsweetened version after using regular version for around 3 months

The thickness was adult reduced. From milkshake thickness of not thicker to water consistency.

Excuse the non quantitative descriptions but didn’t want to get into specific gratifies :grinning::grinning::grinning:

No complaints at all just a concern that I was doing something different/wrong.

Keep up the good work. It’s been an absolute blessing for me. I didlike breakfast & lunch due to time & crap “Boots” for lunch for years.

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Typo’s galore. I meant vastly not adult!
Gravities not gratifies!

You are not the first to say this. So I had to clear this up in my head.

I have some v1.0 in my garage. So mixed up some v1.0 and v1.1 and compared them side by side. My opinion is they are the same thickness. The v1.0 has a stronger taste and does linger in mouth longer. The ingredients in both are identical just one has less flavour than the other, promise.


I love the thought of Julian doing experiments in his garage for the benefit of the rest of us :grinning:

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While I realise you didn’t find much of a difference in your own experiment J, I’d suggest that there is definitely one for some people, making sure I wasn’t somehow doing something wrong in this regard was the exact reason I came on here.

I’m not sure what batch I originally had, I’d long ago thrown out the original packaging and transferred it to a sealable tupperware container, but it was purchased on the 14th September, I think possibly V1.

I’ve been making it the exact same way every morning, and was excited to do the same when the new batch arrived the oher day, not realising there was a new version number or things had changed.

Using the exact same method, with the same shaker bottle and the same scales to weight out the 100g of huel, and the same amount of water etc, there was a VERY noticeable difference and it was much more watery than before. Much more like a liquid drink than the much thicker texture I was used to.

As it’s the same weight of ingredients, I can only assume that somehow this is maybe a slightly finer grind of oats or something, and somehow it stays a little more fluid? It also seems to “develop” more over time and thicken a bit more than the last version did, maybe the difference in powder means it takes longer or reacts more to soaking up the water and becoming thick.

It’s not the end of the world, as you say you can just add less water, but just felt I should confirm that for whatever reason there definitely is a noticeable difference.

I seem to find that 400ml of water if I’m going to drink it pretty quickly, or 450ml if its getting a few hours to soak and absorb the water, seems to give me a close consistency to what 500ml of water would give before.


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Just a bit of feedback, I’m a new customer and have ordered a week of Vanilla and a week of Unflavoured. I’m alternating them daily just to figure out which I prefer before ordering in bulk, but I mix both the same 100g/500ml in a shaker.

In my experience there’s a big difference in the thickness between the two. The Vanilla Huel is thicker, you can mix it and it stays mixed, the bits of oats/seeds don’t settle to the bottom unless you leave it hours and hours (like overnight) in the fridge and even then it doesn’t settle much. It’s nice and thick to drink and gives the impression you’re almost eating something rather than drinking it.

The unflavoured Huel is much thinner. It’s more watery, for example when I mix a shaker it settles out within 30 minutes with the seeds/bits at the bottom and watery liquid at the top. A few shakes mixes it back up again but you don’t need to do that with the vanilla. Adding flavour pack (Rhubarb/Custard) to the unflavoured doesn’t alter the thickness at all and it remains “thin”.

Both satisfy the same though, so no complaints. I find the vanilla a little sweet but that’s probably because I rarely eat anything sweet these days. The taste of the unflavored is fine and if both were the same thickness I’d probably choose that, but I prefer the thickness/texture of the vanilla so will probably end up buying that long term. Just a little feedback really, as I was surprised at the difference. :grinning:


Cheb, have you tried mixing the two together? I have half and half of sweetened and unsweetened and I find it’s about the right sweetness for me. Not sure about the thickness though, haven’t noticed much difference myself.

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No I haven’t but I will try this as a 3rd option before I decide which one to buy in bulk. :smile:

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That’s a good point actually. For the people who do find the vanilla version too sweet, it can be mixed with unflavoured to dilute it. All we need now is a vanilla flavour pack, and everyone’s individual tastes will be catered for.

The vanilla pack in on it’s way - should be just after Christmas.

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