Big difference in viscosity despite same amounts Huel and water

So I recently finished one big pouch of Huel and moved on to another, and there is a marked difference in the viscosity of a 3-scoop drink.

The new pouch produces a drink which is much more watery / thinner. I tried shaking up the powder in the new pouch, but it hasn’t made a difference.

Both pouches are from batch number 2178 (v1.2 - vanilla).

For what it’s worth I am a massive fan of Huel. I think it’s great.

But I was wondering if others have had this experience? Also, is the thinner drink be lower in calories / nutrients?

@Julian - these questions seem to come up a lot on the forum. Is there a changelog somewhere that shows the various tweeks and batch number ranges that people can be pointed to, and if not; is it worth having one?

Thanks for your response @pookey but I think I am talking about a slightly different issue, which is differences within the same batch.

Both pouches are from batch number 2178 (v1.2 - vanilla).

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If it’s the same batch, there shouldn’t be any differences as far as I’m aware. There may be some natural variations from the ingredients we use, but this shouldn’t occur in the same batch.

Could anything else have changed the amount? The scoops can be quite imprecise at times and get filled with air holes, so whilst the 3 scoops previously could have been 3 ‘proper’ scoops, the latest might be less. Could it possibly be this?

@pookey a page might be helpful, but the only change there has been was from 1.0 to 1.1, then 1.2. Batch differences may have slight natural variations (which we try to limit as much as possible), but are fundamentally the same.

The only change from 1.1 to 1.2 as well was that we reduced the amount of sweetener in Huel, so there hasn’t been much change!

I’ve seen mention of the product settling. Maybe there’s some density difference if a pouch has been sitting around longer with less air gaps between particles, or if the denser particles sink, then an old mostly used pouch could have higher proportion of the dense ingredients than a new well mixed pack?

We need a physicist.

I use scales…the scoop measurements do vary a lot. I use the scoop to measure into my scales and every time the measurement is different.

I use 100g huel per meal.

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