Latest batch is thinner?

Been using Huel (white bag) on and off for about 1 year, pretty much only Vanilla. It was always a little bit chewy which I sort of liked. I just received my latest order (white Huel bag, vanilla) and it seems much runnier. I’m also using the new scoop which is white instead of transparent. Did I do the measurement wrong with the new scoops or something? Two white scoops + 17 oz water. Or has the formula changed to be less viscous?

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Hello! In v3.0 they’ve made the texture smoother so that might be what you’re experiencing though, this shouldn’t effect the consistency.

Two scoops + 500ml water is what Huel recommend as a starting point though of course, if it’s too runny simply add less or if it’s too thick, add more water! The same applies if you only want the 1 scoop (1 scoop = 250ml)

I like my Huel thicker typically so for me I’ll add 350-400ml or I’ll chill it overnight :heart_eyes: I’ll weigh it as well because I like being precise. So feel free to give that a go and as with most things it entirely depends on your preferences :v:t3:

Might be helpful to revise this as a reference - :slight_smile:

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white scoops? That’s the first I’ve heard of them. Does the white scoop hold the same volume/weight of Huel as your old one?

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Yeah new white scoop. IDK it looks skinnier and taller.

This must be the first time I am using 3.0. Much thinner. I think I will use a bit less water (15 oz) and see.

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I have found that the chocolate is thicker, in general.

15 what? What measurements are you using for water, scoops?

I’m pretty certain that this picture of the white scoop belongs to and only to the Hot and Savoury product . . . as this is the exact scoop that came with my batch of H&S :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

I have hot and savoury but no scoop like that one.

Yes they currently use 2 scoops powder and 17 scoops water.

Not see anyone measure it that way before

when people were asking for more branded merch, I’m not sure unleashing a new #scoopgate was high on their lists :rofl:

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15 … Gallons…

Just kidding. Oz.

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Lol yep, reckon that would make it pretty thin :laughing: I use 400ml (13.5 ish oz) per couple of scoops

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I might get a couple, drill holes in them and wear as huel branded earrings

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Can’t wait for the inevitable panic and controversy once these new scoops are sent out. I’ll be perfecting a Huel popcorn recipe for the occasion.

quite literally upping your drag coefficient

pre-emptive, sorry, pre-entitled strike:

  • ‘it’s not as easy to use as the last one’
  • ‘where can I buy the old one?’
  • ‘can I have it in a different colour?’
  • ‘powder spills out everywhere’
  • ‘I miss the transparent ones’


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I didn’t mean for this to be a thread about the white scoop but…

I like it better. Sturdier. And shape means that powder doesn’t spill as much.

If there’s one thing guaranteed about topics here is that they frequently go off topic real quick :rofl:


I totally thought this was not legit but hey look…white scoop!!! :eyes::eyes::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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What’s got a hazelnut in every bite?
Squirrel shit.

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