New to Huel, need some advices

Hi everyone!
I received yesterday my Huel order but I can’t find any spoon inside my powder bags… it is included or should I use a normal spoon?
I mixed 3 normal spoons of chocolate with 400ml of water today and It wasn’t really tasty… should I mix it with some milk? almond maybe?

Can you give me some advices to make my shaker taste good?

Thank you!

Scoopgate strikes again. Yes there should be a scoop, it isn’t in the bags but should be in the box. should sort you out.

You say you mixed 3 normal spoons…what was that? Teaspoon, tablespoon, dessert spoon? 3 scoops is around 100g of Huel powder if you have kitchen scales.

I think in English they are tablespoons, is the spoon we usually use to eat soup in Italy!

That probably explains it then…3 of those heaped would probably be only around 50g maximum. I expect in 400ml of water it was really liquid.

Infact it was… so the right portion is 100g? If so I could use a weight scale for the moment to measure till 100g of powder!

Yes, everyone likes it slightly differently. I don’t use the scoops really, although I have been experimenting with a 50g scoop recently (not a Huel scoop which is about 38g).

I use 100g of Huel and 500ml of water. Shake it, then put in fridge overnight as it thickens slightly and slight bitter taste goes away.

I used 50/50 milk and water to begin with. Then moved on to 100% water after a couple weeks. Definitely experiment at first with additions and you’ll soon find what you prefer. I used mixed spice and cinnamon a lot with coffee (espressso) in the vanilla and UU versions. Enjoy!

I like spooning :wink:

@DenisM it’s a rare mistake but it is possible that the Huel team forgot to include the plastic scoop in your box. They will send you a scoop for free if you send them an email

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sent them an email already! :slight_smile:

Just to let you know they don’t work weekends so will possibly read it on Monday if they haven’t got a thousand emails to read. But like @hunzas says you can weigh 100grams out on kitchen scales which is actually more accurate than using scoops if you want to be exact. You also may want to try to mix it in a blender some here including myself prefer it that way. Definitely leave it in the fridge overnight it’s much nicer

Also don’t forget to experiment with the amount of water if you don’t like the texture! I usually use 100g of Huel with 400ml of water!