No scoop

I have no measuring scoop in my pouch of huel, how can I measure 100g? I don’t own scales

Do U have a measuring jug (ml is equiv to grams) or cups with measures?

The huel jug itself has marks, for 100g thru 600g.

Just be wary that huel sticks to the bottom if forced down by water, so pour it along the side (or start with an inch of water but probably that also will stick). And shake the powder rather than squash the huel down to level it with the 100g line, as compact Huel is lumps in your drink.

Thanks for that :+1:

Time to invest in a set of measuring spoons and cups.

Oops… The ml to g ratio is not as foolproof as I had thought.

Apparently each scoop (38g) of Huel has the equivalent volume of 70ml. And if it takes two and a half scoops to make 100g, that would mean you need to measure up to roughly 180ml.

A thread I found was suggesting using a single cup (236ml) to replace the three scoop rule and then that poster realised they were way over the other end of the recommended amount!

I got this terribly wrong, sorry! I hope you have been adding more Huel than my suggested half-dose for the past two months. :disappointed_relieved:

I must have missed this thread first time around but I was going to say this.

Due to the volume of air in Huel it’s much more precise to buy some scales and weigh it out.


Hey there, sorry to have missed this.

We don’t include scoops inside the pouches like many protein shake companies do. Most people don’t require a scoop with every pouch as the scoops last a long time. We give you two with your first order and if you need more you can always add them on the basket page of your next order. Or you could drop us an email on and we can probably help you out!

If you want precision then scales are the way to go.

No scoops were included with my first order. Kind of a bummer here that I’m going to have to go out and buy a scale.

Maybe I should just return it all?

Kinda dramatic…you could ask 'em to send you one.


Let us know your order number (DM me or email, since you’re a US customer) and we will send you replacement scoops.

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I find it absurd I just received my first order and I have no scoop. No where when I ordered did it say I should order a scoop. Nor does it tell you what the equivalent is in normal human language. As in if you don’t have a scoop use a 1/4 cup or something. Now I have 3 bags that I would really like to try and now I have to wait for a scoop. Feels like a fail and I should just send it back and buy from those who care about their customers. Instead of taking the money and not even telling the buyer how to use the product.

Grams is normal human language, actually.

I received a scoop with my first order and added an extra scoop myself in case I lost it or whatever. It sounds like they just forgot to add one to your order. Not absurd, humans work in warehouses. :slight_smile: I’m sure they’ll send you one and you’ll have it within a couple days.


Hi @prw9913 , the scoops hold roughly 38g, don’t know why you didn’t get one they must of forgot to put one in. There’s an option in the shopping basket for extra scoops. Don’t know if you have emailed them for one, if not nobody is there at weekends. Don’t know if anyone is there on Monday being New years Eve, could be Wednesday or Thursday now. Some here including myself don’t use scoops as we just weigh it for more accuracy. I weigh 125 grams and mix in 400ml of water, well I personally blend it rather than shake.
There Email is in case you don’t know.

Thanks for the info on weighing it out. I was just a little surprised when I went for the scoop and it was missing. I’ve been looking forward to trying it out all week. I guess I’ll look for my food scale.

I know grams is normal human language. I was being a bit of a smart@@@. I

I love my digital scale. Fill shaker with required amount of water, place on scale and zero it. Spoon in Huel to required amount. Attach lid tightly to shaker and shake.

First users get a free t-shirt and shaker. You choose this in the bottom left corner of the basket. Did you get these? I believe a scoop is auto sent with a first order but if you didn’t add these the order may not have been classed as a first order. Those bits should probably be above the “as seen on…” sections on the basket screen.

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@Coup yes I got my shaker, t-shirt, 3 bags of Huel and the recipe book

Dunno why you didn’t get a scoop then other than an error somewhere along the line. @Tim_Huel can put this on his to do list.

Sorry to hear that, looks like this was just an error, massive apologies for the issue. I’ll have the team send a couple out to you. For now if you use a scale then a US scoop is 50g/200kcal.

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