No scoop


@Coup yes I got my shaker, t-shirt, 3 bags of Huel and the recipe book


Dunno why you didn’t get a scoop then other than an error somewhere along the line. @TimOfficialHuel can put this on his to do list.


Sorry to hear that, looks like this was just an error, massive apologies for the issue. I’ll have the team send a couple out to you. For now if you use a scale then a US scoop is 50g/200kcal.


First I’m hearing about US scoops being bigger that’s bloody marvellous


So just to be clear… (I’m about to place my first order of Huel at some point this week, waiting for my mate to provide me with a referral code :wink: )

Huel pouches do not include a scoop by default?


On the first order, you should receive a scoop (one per bag?)

(Unless you manually add scoops using the button on the cart page when you are guaranteed a scoop)


You’re guaranteed a scoop by default, and as far as I recall there’s an option to add a couple more for free (I find multiple useful if you’ve got multiple bags on the go, e.g. for different flavours of base powder)


The scoop situation could not of been any clearer when I made my first order, just read things would be my advice :roll_eyes:


I received scoops (yes plural), along with t-shirt and shaker, with my very first order of Huel back in October. An accidental oversight for those who did not.


Cool, i found the option on the cart page to add scoops, so assumed they weren’t included by default! I have the same reasoning for multiple scoops, also because I split my time between a few places, so having a few spare is always a good thing.

Yeah it seems that this is the case, mistakes happen! (and its only a scoop :wink: )


Info here all seems good to me. First time orders of powders are sent two scoops in the UK, one for each pouch. Any future orders are not sent scoops unless you manually add them. In the US I think that only one scoop is sent out.

Any scoop issues just drop the team an email.


The team have been very helpful to me whenever I have needed something. Huel customer service is great.