I don’t have a scoop to measure out three scoops for a shake. How much should I measure out? Is it 125g to add to 400ml water??

100g is 3 scoops/400kcal.

Is this before or after ScoopGate?

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Which version of ScoopGate?


That’s what I was going by… it just seemed loads of powder… then I gotta add 200ml on top of the 400ml?

I make mine with 500ml total liquid and have no problems. :yum:

That’s with a 125g serving.

750ml + 130g here. It all depends on how liquid you like your Huel.

Are there more? :frowning:


I prefer 100g in 400ml water

So I’ve been drinking it for breakfast.(since 10.30am) … I’m now bored with it and want food! If I have crackers, I’m conscious I’ve just consumed 400 calories that I wouldn’t normally have had! Am I suppose to leave out food all together?

It is food. Are you hungry or just bored? If you’re bored, have a cuppa. If you’re hungry, have some crackers. But you have already eaten a 400 calorie breakfast.

I have Huel and crackers for breakfast quite often. Just a couple of crackers so I’ve got something to bite.

I have Huel granola for breakfast, followed by a Huel bar. Huel shake for lunch and/or evening meal.

I had crackers and a coffee! :smile: but wouldn’t have had the additional 400 cal shake and clearly need something to bite into … I think normally I’d eat about now prob for the first time in the day so my body must be used to it. :woman_shrugging:t3:
My will power is shit