Really stupid question about the scoop


Really dumb question but I read on another forum page that Huel has new larger scoops (they used to be smaller) and I got the bigger ones with my first order of Huel. Is one big scoop 400 calories or is it still two scoops?

Sorry if this makes no sense but I thought it would be hilarious if I was really eating 800 calories twice a day since I eat Huel twice a day for breakfast and lunch with two scoops each (occasionally 3 if I’m hungry enough.)

Thanks to whoever reads this lol, if I hadn’t stopped by that forum about the larger scoops I wouldn’t be questioning, I’m just confused now :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I added an extra scoop last month and it was unchanged from my previous one.

I think you would struggle to fit 800-cals worth of Huel on top of 400ml water (assuming you are following the standard guidelines) - it would almost certainly overflow the top of the shaker. However, to be sure you can just use scales - 100g Huel is 400cals.


I started early January, the scoop I had with it and the scoops I added on later orders are all the same.
Approximately 38g/scoop, so ~153kcal.

If there are bigger scoops, I’d love to know how much would fit in.
Currently using a 50g scoop I got elsewhere.


I think the bigger scoops is an American thing. They had an old scoop and a new scoop. The new one was bigger as they found the 38g thing confusing. Most people in the UK seem to prefer to weigh it for accuracy so the scoop is simply a vessel to get the powder out the bag


I’ve just realised that @Grimscribe is from USA (references to ‘typical American diet’, big scoops, and chocolate premix!).
@Grimscribe you might find it more helpful to join the US forum as there are differences in nutrition labelling, available premix flavours and flavour boosts (and scoop sizes!) between the UK and US


Yes, @grimscribe you’ll just receive a torrent of abuse from some UK forum folks if you mention scoops around here. It’s a touchy subject.


:laughing: @hunzas maybe they just need to give us bigger ones then we would be happy to talk scoops all day


Sensible people uses scales.


Nah I’m a digital scales sorta person :grin:


Digital scales and bigger scoops, still good :stuck_out_tongue:


You read it on the US forum.

For anyone else reading, there is no change to the scoops you receive unless you order from the US.

New formula?

Yeah I realized I was on the incorrect forum when I first signed up here and just signed on to the American one also. When I heard UK and “Global” I thought it meant including America but guess not. I thought the scoop thing was for all people, one size, now I know :rofl:


I’d quite like to have the larger scoop (because I’m too lazy to weigh, not because I find the 38g confusing)… I read the same thread I think, so this morning after doubt set in I used 2 (+ a tiny amount) scoops in case I’d been over-adding. I guess I should actually use the scales I replaced the battery in just so I could weigh Huel…


Ah that explains the 2 different sized scoops, well now I know. I should weigh it regardless but this meal replacement thing is new to me, I never weighed food before but it seems like common sense. Thanks for the answer.


Lol well my goal isn’t to make people mad with asking about scoops :rofl:

I don’t mind weighing my food… just never had to before so never thought about it lol.


Lol well now you can get the wisdom from both forums!
The US has a separate forum from the rest of us, mainly because the regulations are very different there, meaning the nutrition labels etc are different (and the ingredients differ very slightly also) so it makes sense to have two different forums otherwise everyone would be getting super confused when discussing nutrition or flavours (we have different flavour choices also).


When you are counting calories, as I am, scales definitely help :grin:


I suppose that makes sense, it was confusing already with the “scoopgate” so I can imagine it would be pretty confusing for all of us to be on the same forum. Hopefully I’m alright with being on two different forums, I just got to remember that the ingredients differ so not to confuse anyone lol.


Yeah I’m using Huel to get healthy and lose weight so it makes sense to use a scale, I’ll have to get one today.


I might be wrong about the ingredients differing - it might just be how it has to be listed and labelled, makes it appear different. But the flavours definitely differ. You get chocolate premix for example, whereas we get mint-choc.