Instruction book

Recently received my first batch of Huel, reading through the booklet provided I noticed it recommended using 500ml of water to 100g of Huel. On the following page there’s a switch to using scoops as measures, but I cannot find any reference in the book that describes the capacity of a scoop. Found the info on the website but might be worth adding this to future print runs to save having to get the scales out!

Hi Quicksilvr,

The scoop amount is on page 8, but just so you know, a level scoop is 38 grams!

So it is, let’s hope Huel improves my eyesight. :+1:

Might be worth mentioning the scoop size with the 5:1 ratio part?

Just a quick word of advice. If you are using scoops as measurement, don’t compress the Huel into the scoop to get the level scoop. You will end up with significantly more than 38g per scoop if you do this. Instead, tap the side of the scoop against the inside of the bag until all the gaps have disappeared, then scrape any excess from the top.