Scoop calculation

How many scoops is 100g?

A scoop is averaged at around 38g (not compacted in), so aim for 3 scoops.

Hi yes am aware of that. My question is how many scoops is exactly 100grams?

Depends on how good you are at scooping.

That is quite a philosophical question. Scoops aren’t exact so, in a way, you can’t get to exactly 100 grams without a more precise tool. Like scales. But I guess you want the mathematical answer, which is 2.63 scoops, not sure how much that helps though. really is a great tool. You can find calories per scoop or grams to get an exact number of calories.

Thank you yes thats perfect. I was hesitant in buying scales as i only wanted to weigh the huel once. So from now on i will just have 3 x 3/4 scoops of huel in one meal.

Does anybody know how to add huel to my fitness pal. 100g. It only shows scoops

Seema, search for Huel Vanilla 2.1 (for example, or whatever you’re using), as it shows up for me in grams.

Do the serving size on myfitnesspal at 0.9 per scoop, instead of 1.