Help! Using Scoop to Measure Water - Think I Mixed it Wrong!

My very first batch of Huel just arrived, and I have excitedly made my first batch. But I think I made a mistake…

It says 1 part Huel and 5 parts water, so I mixed 2 scoops of Huel with 10 scoops of water, and the result I would probably describe as being a bit like ricemilk.

Then I wondered if they meant parts by volume or by weight. I looked at the instructions again and their workings, and I think they might have meant by weight. What I did was 10 scoops of water (10x 70 ml = 700ml) with 2 scoops Huel, and looking at their worked example, they only used 570ml with 3 scoops! Whoops!

I don’t have a measuring jug that measures in small amounts - how can I use the scoop to measure water in scoopfuls?


I guess the easier way to phrase the question would be:

If I use 1 scoop of Huel, how many scoops of water would that need?


Oh no, that must have been an interesting meal! Do you have scales at all? If you did, 1ml of water is equal to 1g.

However, failing that, I have just got out the scales in the office and I can confirm that 1 scoop of water is 66ml (66g). So for 570ml, that would be 8.63 scoops! Let’s say 8 and a half though.

I would say however that I find a much more enjoyable proportion is 3 scoops with 500ml (7.5 scoops) of water, it’s just a little bit thicker. But that’s up to you!

Hope this helps!

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200ml : 1 scoop is my ideal ratio.

Thanks guys, that turned out a bit different! I think I made my first batch with almost twice as much water as I should. Definitely different this time around!

Hm… thread re-surrection…

I just wanted to share that I found the 5:1 description quite confusing as well, when I got my first pack and didn’t know how to prepare it right and nearly did the same mistake you did.