Forgot scoop, no scales

As above please, have the Huel shaker, does any one know roughly where a level 3 scoop serving would come on the logo. In guessing level with the top of the ‘H’ but have a fortnight of guessing so a pointer would be great.

That’s about right, I’d say around 1 inch of Huel on top of the water.

Just checked it. its up to the 200ml mark exactly without the water of course.

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Many thanks both :slight_smile:


Ditto. Forget scoop and bottle, no scales!

Before seeing this thread, I followed the guidance on the bag which recommends about 1 part (100ml) Huel to 5 parts water (500ml) but it comes out watery. So I’m pleased to see someone has actually measured it. Maybe the guidance should be 2 parts Huel to 5 of water.

Thanks to you both, anyway.

@Andrew_B The 1 part Huel is measured in grams. So 100g of Huel would require 500ml of water.

I dare say you’re correct. But the theme here is how to struggle valiantly in the absence of both scoops and scales e.g. hotel room in Qatar in my case! The package doesn’t actually say what you’ve described.

It doesn’t say what you described either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Generally a solid is measured by weight and a liquid by volume. The confusion over units has caught people out before and @Tim_Huel said they would add the units to the instructions to prevent this from happening. So either that’s an older pouch or they’ve not done it yet!

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Looks like an slightly older label. I’ve changed the instructions but removed the ratio due confusion.

Nutritional Information and Ingredients – Huel

But the ratio still stands (for me at least :fist:), 1g of Huel to 5ml of water is a pretty darn good ratio but you can always add more or less. Sorry I can’t help you with the lack of scales issue though! How did you get along?