I forgot my scoop

I have just traveled out to Norway with my weeks supply of Huel and I have left my scoop at home, I tried eyeballing some out of the packet to make up my lunch, but it was way too thin and I used way too much of the flavour packet stuff (which are amazing!). How many tablespoons should I use, roughly? …I am probably going to experiment away and try and match consistency, but its not the same. I miss my scoop.

Do you have your Huel shaker with you? Maybe someone (me when I get home, still in the office) could take a photo of X grams of powder in the bottom of it. Should be fairly easy to match it?

How many grams are you aiming for?

That’s a great idea, I normally just use 3 level scoops what ever that is. I have just had a bit of a go myself there, I think i should probably use about 3 heaped tablespoons, but its difficult as I normally chill my Huel in the fridge overnight so it is a lot thicker.

Here we go. That’s 3 level scoops. So if you go up to the 200ml mark in the shaker you should be about right.


Thanks, that is quite a bit more than I have put in. I have managed to chill one of those I made last night, it still has the same consistency as water. Nowhere near enough Huel.

Well worth investing in some scales, more accurate than scales, and increments of 1g rather than 38g.