(Don't Trust The) One Scoop to Rule Them All

I’ve got a set of kitchen measuring scoops in cup sizes. Turns out the scoop supplied with Huel is 1/3 of a standard cup. So given that I use three Huel scoops, I can use the cup measure instead. 1 cup rather than 3 scoops. And as a bonus, the cup measure has slanting sides, so the powder falls straight out.

This is going to save me seconds ever morning! And as everyone knows, morning seconds are the most valuable.

Interesting, which measuring scoops are you using? Do you have a brand name or link to the product page on say amazon?

I can’t remember where I got my measuring cups from. But they’re all the same. A cup is a standard measure - 250ml.

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What are you going to do with your extra seconds?


They shall all be devoted to my plans for world domination.

Which start with being a little less late for work.

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I’ve just noticed the very small writing on the Huel Scoop, which says 70ml, whilst the third of a cup scoop says 85ml. So that’s an extra 21%. I’ve made a terrible mistake. No wonder I haven’t been losing weight these last few days.

Don’t trust the allure of one scoop to rule them all! It’s evil. Stick to the true path of the official huel scoop.

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I’ve actually never weighted lool. Just add 3 scoops with the scoop provided and that’s it ^^

I personally high recommend investing in some scales, so much more accurate and allow you put exactly what you want in, not just in 38g increments.

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I’ve got scales. But I’m too lazy.

Still, 3 full scoops (not going overboard) should still be in the ballpark right? On what’s recommended for 2000kcal per day (4 shakes, 3 scoops each per day)

I’m lazy too, but I find scales work a treat and are easier than faffing around with scoops. I make 2 meals at a time. I fill the water into my blender jug and then put this straight onto my scales, which I then zero. Then I pretty much shovel Huel in with a large scoop and find that I can pretty much guess roughly how much it’ll need. Then I’ll fine tune at the end by either adding a bit more or taking some out of the blender before it sinks down into the water. I’m not too concerned if it’s a little over or under. I then blend for 5 or 10 seconds and pour into shaker jugs and put into the fridge. The whole process takes 2 and a half minutes from start to end (including rinsing the blender, tidying everything away in the cupboard and putting the finished meals in the fridge).