I'm sorry, I can't be quiet any more. But I hate the new scoops

I like the old scoop. It was easy to use, was close enough to 150 cals. But as per most things, they got lost, thrown away, died.

So in my new subscription I ordered 2 more.

But I didn’t get new scoops, I got 2 small buckets!

Why did huel change, and how do I get the original scoops ? Ebay, collectors market? Grey market?

Come on huel, why the new bucket scoops, if you were going to make them bigger, why not offer in 3 sizes, small, original and bucket?



Scoopgate #87


Heh. I find the scoops aren’t quite right anyway so just use them to put it onto a mini electronic kitchen scale so I can be more precise.

It’s not the scoops fault it just depends how tightly I’ve packed the Huel into it which is variable hence the scale.


same here - I got a cheap one from the supermarket and put the whole blender jug on it - add the water then zero the weight and chuck in the powder.


Yep. That’s the way to do it.

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Yep, that’s how all the pros do it, though in my case just the shaker cos I no longer blend it.


Me too. Used the blender for a while then went back to the good ole shaker. With the cheese grater in and without the balls.

ill use the shaker if I’m not adding anything other than powder into the mix but these days thats rarely the case :slight_smile:

What’s the cheese grater?

It’s that little plastic grill in the shaker.

aka the ice guard

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Possibly the worst description of a cheese grater I’ve ever heard. :rofl: :rofl:

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Sorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :laughing:

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On the opposite side, I prefer the new scoop.

When not having the blender/scale nearby or for just using Huel shaker I prefer 200 Kcal as a measure. In my case 3 scoops in a Huel shaker filled to top.

When on a trip I take the huel bag and anywhere I´m able to make an aproximate measure shake from this newer scoop. Just need to buy/take water.


Haha! Here we go! I’ve written a full explainer here.

To cut it short, 152kcal scoop made no sense and didn’t relate to our serving suggestion (at the time 500kcal, now 400kcal). Current scoop makes way more sense. 1 scoop is a snack, 2 scoops is a meal. Baboom :boom: simples.

Also, now the scoop is a conical frustrum (sloping sides, flat bottom) it means your Huel actually comes out the scoop and doesn’t just sit there, suspended upside down in an inferior cyclinder.

There is method to this madness Ian, I assure you.


I use scoop to gather powder and then into the shaker which I place on the scales at zero (water already added). I never get an accurate amount just using the scoop for measurement. I also always manage to get powder all over worktop no matter how carefull I am. :exploding_head:

Use a spoon instead of a scoop. I rarely get powder everywhere now.

Will give that a try and see how it goes but unfortunately I do think its my old shaky hands which are to blame. :cry:

I feel like these two sentences cancel each other out. I’ve never spooned it in and not got Huel everywhere.

Presume you use scales too?