Ways to measure Huel without Scoop?

Long story short, My scoop ended up cracking.

Any ways to mathematically measure huel correctly without that specific scoop? I have measuring utensils, (cups, teasoops, etc). I know I can order a new one but I honestly don’t feel like waiting.

A level scoop of Huel holds approximately 38g.

What would be a good conversion in cups? Tablesoons? And does it matter if I pack it down hard just as I would in the stock scoop?

Order a new one and tape the crack on the old one temporarily?

I bought a set of these years ago, when I’m sure they were £4.99 or less. Have worked really well. I put my shaker on them, tare them, then add in 100g of Huel.

All problems solved with scales

If you wanted to use cups, then I reckon one cup would be around 3 scoops. Another vote for scales though!