Help: Need to measure Huel without scales or special cup


I’m in Spain and I’ve forgotten to bring my measuring cup and don’t have any scales.

Does anyone know how many tablespoons for 150g?

Speedy response would be appreciated. I need to have me dinner.


19 tablespoons thereabouts.

Did you measure it?

Turns out I’ve only got a dessert spoon. How many would I need of those?

One Huel scoop is 75 cl and is about 150 kcal. 156, I think?

I Huel scoop is 38g = 156 cal.

I know the Huel scoop is 35g

I don’t have a the Huel scoop with me. How many dessert spoons. I tried 19 and it came out like cement.

I am afraid each spoon has slightly different parameters, so it’s quite hard to tell :slightly_smiling:

For how long are you away? I would probably just use a small cup to estimate the amount of one scoop.

for a few more days :slightly_smiling:

You could always kindly measure how many dessert spoonfuls the scoop is :slight_smile:

If it was me, I’d just fly by the seat of my pants and do it approximately. Shove a few spoonfuls in, shake it up, try it, and keep adding a bit more until it seems the right consistency.