The scoop

So how do I add the scoop to my order? I didn’t have a problem adding it for the last 5 years, where is that option?

I noticed when I ordered recently there was no option for another scoop. I guess you would have to email Huel and ask them for one. Maybe there running short??
I usually weigh my Huel but my digital scales are broke so need a new one, any cheap suggestions @Bee your the digital scales Queen :smile:

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Mine are Salter digital kitchen scales. Wouldn’t be without them.

@Ian42 yeah, I’ve just sent my email together with my order number, thanks for the idea. And I need to get one of those scales like you guys.

The scoop is still on the list of accessories so you should be able to add one. Works for me.

I swear it’s not displaying for me.

I thought it wasn’t going to be there as it used to be on a page on its own.
Here it is: scoop

Definitely something going on because I don’t see it either on this page:

There are only 10 items showing

  1. Men’s t-shirt
  2. Women’s t-shirt
  3. Men’s hoody
  4. Women’s hoody
  5. Joggers
  6. Clear shaker
  7. Frosted shaker
  8. Mug
  9. Bag
  10. Steel bottle


How odd :thinking:

Weird. Wonder why this is? :thinking:
Perhaps page in process of updating.

Nope I can’t find scoops anywhere ( only being mentioned loads of times in the forum lately lol )
Anyway @Bee what you think of this :smile:

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They look good, @Ian42. Very smart looking :+1:
This is the one I use

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My huel is on the way but no-one answered my email, I assume I’ll be left without the scoop.
I bought this scale -

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@Geralt Huel customer services don’t work weekends so by Monday they have a huge back log of emails. You could always give @Tim_Huel an elbow he sleeps all the way through Saturday and Sundays after a wild session in the pub Friday night though. He should be back on Monday unless he goes skiing again…

Weighing is better anyway to get the correct amount of Huel.


:joy: I’ll let him be then, give him less work on Monday.

I was planning to buy the scale long time ago, but never really did it, so that works for me as well being forced to do it.


The scoop isn’t on the “accessories” page that you get to from “Our Products”, presumably because it’s not something that can be bought on its own.

However, if you go into your subscription and choose “Add to box”, you can choose it from the page that then appears.

Yea, this is kinda what happened to me :stuck_out_tongue:
Not because of scoops, but still…
Now I really don’t want to do it without scales anymore,
it’s great to be sure of what you’re having :smiley:

For me, it’s the same as with @dharkhig.

That’s actually a really good reason for it to show like this :stuck_out_tongue:

What a confusing roundabout way to get there in the end :wink:

You mean that none of you were logged into your account? Here’s me thinking you were trying to add a scoop to a subscription order. Silly me eh?
Huel scoops are not for sale. Hence adding one to an order is the only way it will work.

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