Heul v1.1 Scoop


How can I obtain a couple v1.1 scoops?

3 of the new scoops being 600 calories is very intriguing.


Head into your subscription account and you can add them there. If you have any trouble drop us a message on support@huel.com :slight_smile:

If you don’t have a subscription then you can add them to an individual order at checkout.


Thanks. I have it all squared away


There are different scoops? :sweat_smile:


My original versions from May last year are still doing mighty fine :wink:


@JoseGrande are these American scoops?


Could I have in my next order 3 scoops for my 3 open bags that i have normally?


Can I please have a v1 scoop, a v2 scoop, a v1.1 scoop, a UK scoop, 4 USA scoops and 2 Australian scoops please. And a teaspoon.

I’d like environmentally plastic free biodegradable scoops that sing how many grams I have scooped as I lift it out the bag.
@hunzas would also like all of the above, except please substitute a tablespoon for the teaspoon - he strikes me as a big spoon kinda guy.
@coup would like no spoon because there is no spoon


Huel scoop again, don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know Huel scoop again some sunny day…








“To scoop, or not to scoop.” - some Hueler


I just put an order in but there wasn’t an option for another scoop in the checkout, like there used to be. I don’t need a scoop but was looking to see if there was any bigger ones available.


You could use a bucket


Good idea @ChristinaT will give it ago.
Just had the Huel email saying my order has been dispatched and will be at my drop off shop tomorrow. Very good seen it’s a Sunday


Cue DPD thread tomorrow then…


Cool Huel bucket?


You’ve spelt Heul wrong @Bee


Oh yeah, so I have :laughing: