Will my first order of V3.0 come with a free scoop?

I may be wrong but from what I’ve read it sounds like V3.0 is quite different to V2 and has a different sized scoop?

If this is the case, will my first order of V3 come with a new scoop even though it’s not my first order with Huel? There’s no option to order a scoop separately so wanted to check I was going to receive the new sized scoop with my order.

Thanks all

My experience was that the first order of V3.0 had a new scoop

If you don’t receive a new scoop then 3 of the old scoops would continue to work nearly as well as 2 new scoops.

Great, thanks John!

I got two. Plus a new bottle.

For some reason I was sent three scoops and two new bottles with mine. Not complaining.

Yes,we have changed from our 38g scoop to our new 50g. 2 scoops of 50g makes a 400 calorie meal.

You absolutely should receive the 50g scoop with your first order of v3.0, but if for any reason at all you don’t please get in touch via live chat, socials or email and we’ll get a couple sent out for you :slight_smile:

Thanks Charlotte,

my order arrived yesterday and it did come with a new scoop! Woop!

I’ve not tried the 3.0 yet as I’m still finishing off my last bag but I’ve tried the new snack bars and they are damn delicious!

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So pleased to hear it :grin:

Let us know what you think of 3.0 when you do!