Using v3 huel with old v2.3 scoops?

I’ve been having 3 scoops of v2.3 for the last year (1 scoop choc and 2 vanilla). This just about keeps me full for the day and like the taste so is perfect. Just got my first v3 order delivery today with the new bigger scoops.

So how would my old portion that I’m used to compare to (1) using 2 new scoops with v3 or (2) using 3 old v2.3 scoops with the v3?

I’m tempted to stick with 3 old scoops of v3 but is the new formula more calorific/carb heavy etc

Similarly, isn’t 2 new scoops of v3 going to leave me relatively hungry?

Not sure why the official info about v3 didn’t cover this!

Just keep using your old scoops, and your potion size will stay the same as it’s always been.

The new scoops are supposed to hold 50g, and the old ones held around 35g, so three old scoops is almost identical to two new scoops.

In terms of carbs/calories etc. the new formula is the same as the old one.

Edit: just to preempt the morning nutrition nerds: it’s not exactly the same, but it’s close enough that only the nutrition nerds need to know the differences.


Thank you! Just wanted that reassurance I wasnt going to be inadvertently fattening myself up :sweat_smile:

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