Size of scoop/calories etc

Calories and vitamins/scoops has changed since version 3 hasn’t it? I haven’t updated myself about this and re-calculated how much to take (and adjusted the quantity of the other vits I take accordingly) since I started on Huel 2-3 years ago with v.2.3. Can someone send me a link explaining how things have changed please?

If you’re moving from v2.3 to v3.0, you don’t really need to worry about that. They’re functionally identical, unless you want to get really picky. Keep using the same scoop, and the same amount of powder, and you’ll get the same nutrition.

Geeky stuff can be found here.

The change you may have heard about is that the free plastic scoops they send out now are larger. 3 old = 2 new. edit: this is an oversimplification and I am disgusted by my own negligence.

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Thanks a lot David. Was confusing though as I think another larger scoop was sent to me and I vaguely remember reading something about all this when I was busy and looking into it passed me by.

David puh-leeeease! This is totally underselling the ingenuity of #scoopgate. Please could you refer to my diagram below so @hbmcd can fully appreciate how much easier we’ve made their life! Look how simple it now is, who measures meals in portions of 456kcal (apart from Huel for the last 4 years…)

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I regret my post and apologise.

My main point stands, however! Huel itself is the same in every way that matters.

There’s no need to start using the new scoop. I made mine into a jaunty hat for a crow.


This is gonna compete for the best thing I’ve heard all day.

Interesting, I have noticed around here since the humans are being kept indoors, that there are many more rooks wandering around, and the pigeons are appreciating the calm too. A couple of nights ago, there were about 20-25 pigeons putting on an aerial display overhead as they were preparing to settle for the evening; I have seen them do that before, but very rare. This morning there were a couple of seagulls mooching about the streets (not EVER seen that here); they were wearing baseball caps, rather than scoop hats.

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I feel bad for the seagulls though. There won’t be as many saps exposing their bags of chips.

People who stockpiled all that food and are now throwing it away should throw it into the streets for the seagulls and pigeons to eat.

I’ve been leaving hand gel out for the hedgehogs but they don’t seem keen.

I think they prefer soap.

Just restarted my subscription after a 2 year break and happy to be back.

v3.0 is definitely less lumpy, which was always a sticking point for me (hur hur)…

But I’m actually more elated with the new scoop size. So much easier to measure out due to the tapered and wider opening, but mainly so much easier and efficient to dose a half portion for a 200kcal snack.

Each to their own and all that, but huge thumbs up from me on the new scoops :+1:


#scoopgate cancelled and assigned to the history books.