On the matter of scoops

https://uk.huel.com/pages/how-to-use says

Of course, if you need a new scoop, you can just order one at checkout for free.

I was ordering two bags of powder and wanted two extra scoops, so I thought I’d do what this suggests, and “just order at checkout for free”. Except there was no clear way to actually put this into action - there’s no UI for it in the checkout, and scoops aren’t available as a separate item to add to one’s cart. So I did the next best thing, put in the request for the additional scoops in the free text field (“additional information” or something like that) during the checkout. I also emailed team@huel.com right after ordering.

Interestingly I had gone through the exact same sequence of events in a previous order, and the box didn’t have scoops, so I asked team@huel.com again and they sent me another, separate, box with just two scoops.

Let’s see what happens this time, I’ll update this thread when I get the delivery. In the meanwhile, I’d love to know how exactly to “just order one at checkout for free”. :slight_smile:

Oh damn it’s Scoopgate II. Or are we on Scoopgate III now? Good feedback though if it’s not an option at checkout anymore for some reason

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The scoop is still available in the add-ons section for me.

Not for me. I went to the list of all Huel products, and no scoop was seen.

Here’s all the Huel products it shows me, none of them is a scoop. The text might be too small to read in the screenshot, but I hope it’s clear from the pictures. :slight_smile:

I also went through the flow of ordering two powder bags as a subscription again (stopping short of actually placing the order), and didn’t see any UI for adding scoops.

Where are you ordering from?

From the UK, for a delivery address in the UK.

Logged into your account and adding to an order in your subscriptions?

No, logged into my account and creating a new subscription.

I got the package, and as I had feared, it was entirely scoop-free.

As it happens, I just placed another order for bars, and again I added in the special instructions during checkout that I had requested two scoops earlier, as per https://uk.huel.com/pages/how-to-use, yadda yadda, and added a request to send the two scoops with this order instead. I’ll update this thread when I get that package.

I don’t need a scoop because I weight my Huel, but when I go to subscription & orders, there’s a Enhance your box button and then you can add a scoop… Maybe you already checked it.

I wasn’t adding to an existing subscription, I was creating a new subscription. I couldn’t find any way of adding a scoop to the order, and it’s certainly not listed in the list of all Huel products.

I was just adding too, a mug but that became a subscription as well. I don’t need a mug every month. Then I went to products and checked also for the scoops but couldn’t find it. Maybe that’s the only way to add a scoop via subscription. After delivery cancel the subscription of the scoops. I know a little hassle for a simple request.

Yes, apparently you can only add items to subscription orders. You can choose to make it a one off add-on by selecting the correct tab.

Thanks! Didn’t saw the tab. Should look better…:woman_facepalming:t3:

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So… if one is creating a new subscription, can one get additional scoop(s) with the first order of that subscription?

If you have a subscription go to that page click on view delivery next to your subscription is an Enhance your box button. There you can add a new scoop. If you don’t want a new scoop with every delivery then you choose One-Time Purchase.

Corina, that probably doesn’t address this situation. Or can you confirm that right after creating a new subscription, one can edit it immediately to add an additional scoop to the first delivery of that subscription?

And this iteration of the scoop saga has concluded, though leaving lots of questions unanswered. A timeline to recap:

  1. Sun 10 Nov: I order two bags of powder, with a request to add two scoops to it, in line with this. I also send a customer service message about this, for good measure, pointing out that there was no other way to add a scoop at checkout.
  2. Mon 11 Nov: The power arrives, scoop-less.
  3. Tue 12 Nov: I order a box of bars, and I point out in the “special instructions” that they can use this box to send the scoops they should have for the previous order.
  4. Wed 13 Nov: The bars arrive, scoop-less. I get the first reply to the customer service request I sent on the 10th, saying that they’ll send the scoops separately, and also add on a shaker to make up for the inconvenience. While this is great, it doesn’t address or acknowledge the underlying issues of things not working as intended. In my request I had asked 'please let me know exactly how I should implement the “you can just order one at checkout for free” as promised at https://uk.huel.com/pages/how-to-use '. However, this part of the request is ignored, even though the response actually said “Let me know if you need anything else”.
  5. Thu 14 Nov: The scoops and shaker arrive, in a box by itself.

@Tim_Huel , @Dan_Huel , care to explain what’s going on? Also I’d love to know what the intended way of adding new scoops to an order is, in case of the first delivery of a new subscription for a user who has already gotten their initial T-shirt+shaker+scoops. The order numbers are 1063022 and 1066414, if you’d like to look them up.

Thanks for raising sorry for delay, I’ve been grabbing the info from the right people. So it seems that it is not possible to add a scoop at checkout but is possible to add to your subscription. We’ve removed the line which suggests you can add them at checkout from the site now, sorry for missing that. We don’t currently have a way of identifying customers who have purchased once, but want a scoop with their first subscription order.

As ever, if you are looking for precision then weighing your Huel is the best method.

This whole scoop not included thing is really really dump, and it really pisses customers off. I don’t how many times I’ve tried to get a new scoop, but you’ve failed to provide one every single time. You’ve now changed the default measure size, a new order has arrived today, and there still isn’t a scoop in the box. How much does it actually cost just to include one by default instead of making it ridiculous difficult to get one? I can order any powder of Amazon, and guess what, a scoop is in the bag. BTW, your email support is also non-existent and non-responsive.