How to get a new huel scoop?


I have a subscription… my last scoop broke. How do I get a new scoop shipped with my order?


AndyK May have a spare scoop ??
Ohhh my bad !! He only has the one !!

A quick message to Huel and you should get one or two sent to you !!
If your stuck … I may find a spare one you can have !!


I actually stopped using the supplied scoop and I now use a larger scoop instead which makes things much more convenient. I found it in my local supermarket and I’m able to scoop out exactly the right amount for a meal in one go. It was one of the scoops on a set of 4 or 5 measuring cups and one of them happens to be spot on what I need.


You can add scoops to your basket for free at checkout


Go back to chilling.


You’ve woke me up now. So I thought I would make a nuisance of myself