Getting new scoops when ordering

Hey guys,

Really enjoying Huel so far! I just received my second order a few days ago and it didn’t come with plastic scoops, and as far as I know, there wasn’t an option for including scoops when ordering. Is there a way to get new scoops with a purchase? Do I leave a comment in my next order?


Hi there,

So we only include two scoops in first time orders, this is too reduce wastage. We ask you to keep your scoops from your first order so you can reuse them.

At the moment there is no mechanism in place to add scoops to orders, but is something I am working on to get put in place. The current protocol is to email us on with your order information and we will send some scoops out separately.

The comments section on the basket page is not an ideal place to write about scoops, the comments are not always picked up, so it is always best to contact us via email for any order amendments.

Hope that helps and so glad you are enjoying Huel!

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Thanks @TimOfficeHuel. I’ll send an additional email next time I place an order.

It’s been almost three years, is this in place yet? I just went to the checkout page all the way upto where I would enter by payment information, and I don’t see any checkbox for requesting a scoop. I don’t see it as an item to order either.

Umm, so what’s the point of comments then? I hope this has changed by now? :slight_smile: