2 scoops will be added to first time orders from now on

Hi Huelers,

We have listen to feedback and will now add 2 scoops to all first time orders.

This will make it easier to have one pouch at home and one and work.

If you are not a first time customer and want an extra scoop please add a note on the basket page in the box which says “Add notes about your order…”. Also as a double check please email team@huel.com

We prefer to add scoops to existing order because there is no extra delivery charge. To send just one scoop by it’s self cost £3.30 to the UK, more for overseas.

I hope that makes sense.




I think I only need the one, but I will keep that in mind if I need a 2nd on in the future. If I ever break the original scoop can I get a free replacement then? Not that it’s likely to happen in the near future.

Wasn’t Mrs Two Scoops a character by Julie Walters on the Victoria Wood Show. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nope order no 75709 no scoops
No scoops in paper
Just as well ive got one

Hi @Jamie1, the two scoops are for first time customers only.

Missed this one, of course Marcus! Just email us on team@huel.com and we will send you a new scoop or two :slight_smile:

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