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Hi all,

I lost my scoop and would like to buy a new one. You used to be able to add a scoop to a powder order, but it seems that is no longer possible? Alternatively, do you guys know if the Huel scoop measurement is a commonly available measurement?

Thanks in advance!

I should add: my first ever order was a long time ago but only included one scoop. Furthermore, it seems it is no longer possible to buy scoops online.

You can’t buy scoops but you can get a free one added to your order. If you go to your subscriptions and ‘view delivery’ you will see ‘add to box’. Click on that and choose the scoop. Hope that helps.

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But if you’ve already got your free one with your first order I assume thats no longer possible?

Wrong. You can still add a scoop to your order. I have.

Are you in the UK? I can post you one if you’d like.

Alternatively if what Bee says doesn’t work then just drop us an email and we will happily send one out for you!

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This is my hobby…I have a job too. For what it’s worth all I did was read an adjacent post. You do know how forums work, right? I’ve a spare scoop if you really want one…and please cheer up.

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I have loads of scoops cos other similar products and power baby food just add one in the tin or pack. Cost next to nothing. Huel should just send them out with re-orders when required.

Huel do send them out when you add to your order.

Huel scoops are vegan as well :joy::joy:

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