Huel Hot and Savoury missing scoop

hello. I received my first Hot and Savoury pouch today (Mexican Chilli). I don’t have any scoops in the box or in the bag.

how big roughly is the scoop - how many tablespoons worth, or better yet - how much by weight in g should I be using for 1 scoop and how much for 2 scoops worth?

on another note. tell me again why Huel dont allow smaller shipments or single pouches - because instead of getting just a single parcel with my order today - I received 2 separate dpd deliveries with each item from my order.

thanks for any help & replies.

Hi - it didn’t have a specific scoop just for H&S - it is just the same as the regular Huel scoop as far as I am aware. you can add additional free scoops to your orders.

thanks - it was my first order in a couple of years so I’m not sure i have any scoops but I’ll go hunting for one drawer where all the plastic kitchen junk goes.

handy to know its the same size scoop used.

Should be on the back?


you may have one of the older scoops then

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thanks @DunsfordMage thats perfect. im happy working by weight. i didnt even see that on the bag because it arrived after lunch.

cheers for that.

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I hadn’t realised that the scoop sizes had changed! Now that’s interesting

That old one was the old old one right? not the recent change which are the same.

That’s right, graphic above shows the first scoop we used and the 2nd scoop. We’ve now got a white one with a longer handle and narrower aperture. However, it is the same volume as the previous scoop (50g). But @mez if you’re happy with weighing your Huel until your next order then that will be more accurate anyway, since scooping isn’t an exact science!


I’ve just had my first bowl and if I had known what it was like I would have ordered h&s ages ago but was always put off by the fact you can’t mix different products in orders.

First spoonful - that’s strange but nice. I could eat this.

2nd. It’s a bit strange but at least I don’t have to think about lunch every single day.

Trying to describe it to my wife was like trying to compare it to a instant cupa-soup texture that you made WAY too dry but that actually tastes ok.

3rd. Added a little fresh chopped coriander, squeeze of lemon because I don’t have lime and a dash of Tabasco which gave it back some freshness that it needed. It was very good.

Going to see what I can do with it to keep it interesting - coriander, lime, diced red onion, chillies etc, I’m sure a lot of posts like that exist for me to look at on the forum.

If I get through this pouch over lunches the next week at work without any issues - I can definitely see myself getting this on a regular basis - I might even try the Thai curry.

When I finished the bowl I didnt think it filled me up as much as my normal lunches but sitting here writing this now after 10-15 minutes I’m not as hungry as I was when I finished my bowl.

I think adding a few bits to it at home - similar to the photos you guys show on the website is definitely the way to go to keep a few of those fresh flavours in it.

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I honestly can’t work out from this post whether you enjoyed it or not :laughing: I think you did but are still sceptical right. When I describe it to friends I say the texture is somewhere between a risotto/paella and couscous. But if it’s too dry then do add a little more water to loosen it up!

But definitely add in some flavours to mix it up! Your suggestions are great!

I have gotten into the habit of making mine in a food flask and leaving it for an hour or so; this makes the texture less “dry”. Sometimes needs a splash more boiling water to serve as even though I weigh the dry, I just add the water by eye rather than measuring it.


@Tim_Huel @hunzas I did like it. I just wasn’t entirely sure. First time I make anything like this I tend to make it according to the direction to “get a feel for it.”

I’ve seen a few comments that said to add a little extra water and leave it for longer to get rid of the dryness which I will definitely try. A lot of backpackers who have to use the dehydrated meals also said the same thing. Extra water and leave for longer. I think it’ll work for this too.

For the first bowl I had the thing that lifted it away from the first impression was the bit of coriander and Tabasco I added.

Monday I’m planning to add a little finely diced red onion coriander and lime - those little fresh hits of something to lift it before I add anything I’m planning on a tiny bit of extra water and 10 mins of soak.

Someone else suggested a spoon of yogurt for the spicy Madras one.

I’m thinking for this flavour - a spoon of fresh salsa or guac. Diced tomato, coriander, lime and chillies.

What does everyone else do to the h+s. I couple of the YouTube videos I’ve seen have suggestions like adding a bit of

  • BBQ sauce for smokey flavour.
  • Tabasco or chilli sauce for heat.
  • Yoghurt for a creaminess sort of thing. Apperantly very good for the Madras.

Someone else suggested some steamed broccoli and spinach. I’m looking forward to lunch for the next week as I’ve got a few things to try out.

I’ll most definitely order more unless it does something to my stomach which is unlikely.

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Yeah absolutely, that’s the way to do it. Then you know what we expect it to taste like, then you can tweak it until your heart’s content. I love you ideas of coriander, red onion and lime. I would definitely get that tabasco hit in there too! I sometimes add siracha, love that smoky, umami flavour of siracha.

Do you know a lot of backpackers using H&S?

I can see yoghurt being good in madras if it’s too spicy for you. I like to go 2:1 madras to tomato & herb.

All your suggestions sound great, it just depends a bit on how much you want to prep and add to your washing up. For me I would only add stuff that didn’t involve extra washing up, or if I already had to wash up a chopping board let’s say. But it’s up to you!

Sorry - delayed reply.

i know a lot of backpackers who use dehydrated meals for at least a part of their journey. on long distances you generally look forward to the pub meals at the end of the walk but there is always a stop or two in the middle of nowhere or a lunch when you need a hot meal instead.

I know one person who switched from packs of “Expedition Foods” brand to Huel when he walked the C2C this year. Most overnight stops have places to eat but there’s a couple where you need to really plan.

His biggest complaint with H+S was the pouch and its size while the expedition food was individually packed. He ended up making 3 of his own H+S individual large meal using vacuum bags and then making the meal in a plastic take away container.

I’ve finished my pouch of H+S and it was actually really good, I had to not eat it every day because I get board easily but adding different things makes all the difference.

Tried a load of different ways to make it and additions but my favourite meal was probably - handful of frozen mixed veg, Huel Mexican with tabasco and lime juice. Wait 15 mins (not 5) add a big spoon of home made pico de gallo on top.

im just getting ready to place another order.

i also just finished my box of RTD and loved it but not sure if i can bring myself to buy more because of all the plastic. might have to switch to a power pouch again and try some of the tricks in other threads.

so just recycle them - they are fully recyclable and already contain 50% recycled plastic - the pouches (currently) aren’t and don’t :slight_smile:

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