Three New Flavours for Hot & Savoury! 🌶

We know many of you saw us launch 3 new Hot & Savoury flavours in the USA and were shouting from the rooftops of the internet to know if and when they were coming to the rest of the world. Well today is the day, consider it a little late Christmas present :blush:

The flavours are: Madras, Korma and Sweet & Sour :fire: :coconut: :pineapple:

At the moment they are all in stock on our UK site, but Korma is marked as out of stock on our EU sites. This is only temporary and due to production delays but we should have Korma live everywhere soon. I’ll update here when we do.

So, what about the taste?

  1. Our spiciest flavour yet, Spicy Madras contains fiery tomato, sweet potato, and spices.
  2. A creamier addition to the Hot and Savoury flavour options, Korma contains succulent raisins, cooling coriander, and creamy coconut to provide the perfect balance of creaminess and flavour.
  3. Sweet and Sour delicious and tangy! It contains sweet pineapple, zesty peppers, and spring onions!

Level of Spice

  1. Madras - :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:
  2. Korma - Not spicy
  3. Sweet and Sour - Not spicy

Now the choice just got even more difficult - which flavours will you try first?


Yum. It’s my real life birthday today too. Nice present. My sister bought me a food flask for my H&S as I hadn’t gotten around to getting one.


Happy birthday to you :notes: @hunzas :birthday: :beer: :tada:

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Great news!! H&S has transformed how I eat healthy. More choice is very welcome!

Great to hear this! We now need a 7th really so you can have a different flavour every day!

Ah happy birthday dude! Have a great day! You’ll have to update the thread on which one you got! Pretty sure there was a thread talking about thermos food containers!

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This is awesome! I think I am going to order the madras, Mexican chilli and tomato herb! First time I am going to try out the Hot & Savory Huel products!

Love that you are providing these Hot&Savory products as it looks more like real food in comparison to the shakes :relaxed:


Really hope you enjoy when you order! Please keep us updated with how you get on. :sunglasses:

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Quick question: is the Madras like really really spice like “I can’t taste anything anymore” spicy or just pleasantly spicy?

Side note: a hot and savory flavor like mushroom risotto would be nice!

It’s tough to say as it’s quite subjective! I personally love and eat quite a lot of spicy food so I find it a good level of spice, it doesn’t blow my head off. But some people have definitely found it a little too spicy as they maybe don’t tend to eat spicier foods. I’ve heard of some people mixing 1 scoop of Madras with 1 scoop of Tomato & Herb if they’ve found it too spicy. Would be interesting to hear what others think!

Oo you’re right, mushroom risotto would be great. Will pass this onto the NPD whizzes. :ok_hand:


Sweet and sour is probably my favourite tasting soup of all time, let alone huel soup, it has the best ingredient combination for me. The problem with some of the other soups is that they contain an ingredient I don’t like; beans in tomato, sweetcorn in thai and sweet potato in madras.

The main reason I use huel is that I acknowledge the importance of a healthy balanced diet but dislike a lot of vegetables. It’s a tricky problem and the only real solution to this would be to just keep adding more combinations and seeing what sticks or eventually let us customise what we want but that would be tricky without jeopardising complete nutrition.

I do love Sweet and Sour a lot though :smiley:


After trying Madras a bit more I do actually love that flavour too :yum: Ill try the Korma as well but overall great selection of hot and savoury soups

Well, I am not keen on sweet ‘n’ sour, so I purchased the madras and korma.

Madras - 8 out of 10 on taste. I found that the madras flavour reduced after a few minutes.

Korma - 5 out of 10 on taste. It tasted bland, but palatable.

I’ll be amending my subscription to include madras and TGC :slight_smile:

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Ive already tried the mexican chilli & the Tomatoe herb and added the TGC to my next subscription. The mexican chilli for me is a lot more tasty than the Tomatoe & Herb.
I noticed the 3 new flavours were available yesterday so decided to order all 3. Just tried the Madras and on first impressions its even better than the mexican chilli.
Might have to up my next subscription from 4 bags to 6 :grinning:
Oh and the delivery was very quick and didn’t arrive in a battered box for a change. Considering the icy conditions, pandemic and time of year thats a big improvement from DPD.


Looking forward t new 3. Mexican chilli is 2nd fave of originals, with TGC winning.

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TGC & Madras are now my favourites


I’ve ordered one of each. Fingers crossed they’re as nice as the first three flavours (I’m sure they will be) :slight_smile:


Sweet & Sour is the one, and if you discontinue it I’ll die. :rofl:


I have Sweet & Sour and Korma along with my favourite TGC arriving soon. Can’t wait to try the new flavours. Thought Madras might be a step too far after Mexican Chilli being such a disaster for me.

I ordered the chilli, korma, madras and sweet and sour just before new year to set me up for some different flavours at work. Just tried the sweet and sour. It is tasty but it’s soooo thick! I’m actually feeling full after 1 scoop.

Can’t wait to taste the rest and see if any of them can replace my favourite TCG

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Korma is so happening soon.