Three New Flavours for Hot & Savoury! 🌶

DPD delivered my H&S order at 8am this morning. A bit of a surprise getting delivery on a Sunday but a good one. Had Korma for lunch and enjoyed it. It has a very mild curry taste, which suits me fine. Will try Sweet & Sour for dinner and report back.


That’s what I was hoping to hear. I do like hot curries on occasion but normally prefer something a little more gentle like masala or makhani for more regular eating. Korma sounds right up my street.

Next time maybe on the masala!

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Hope you enjoy it then @Talort It’s now on my favourites list alongside TGC.


I just checked the nutritional information of the new H&S flavors and I see the Korma one has 175% of the % RI Saturated Fats per 2000kcal. I understand this is because of the coconut, but isn’t it dangerous in the long term?

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Was so excited to try the new flavours (bought sweet and sour, Mexican chilli, korma and Madras - all first tries after loving the original two) and liked all of them except for sweet and sour. That one really did not.sit well with me and I don’t know what to do with the rest of the bag…

you could try mixing it with the other flavours? no experience of the new 3 flavours but quite a few people on here successfully experimented with trying blends of the flavours to get different results @Tim_Huel even tried all 3 of the original ones together!

Mixing them up could totally do the trick!

I’ve been mixing T&H with TGC as I’m not too keen on T&H on its own. Works perfectly for me.

Great question Ivan! It’s a bit of a compromise between product development and nutrition because what we’ve done is create a Korma flavour that tastes so so good.

We have 6 H&S flavours now and so we don’t really see anyone having the Korma flavour for 100% of their calories day in day out.


Sorry for the delayed update. Korma is in stock everywhere! :curry:

I tried Sweet & Sour last night. Had high hopes as I usually love sweet & sour dishes but was sorely disappointed this time. It tastes like T&H to me, with the addition of something mildly sweet. Will have to mix with TGC to use up. Sorry Huel, will be giving this one a miss in future :-1:

My Huel Hot&Savory order came in the mail yesterday and I tried them all out (except for the korma one) and here are my thoughts:

Thai green curry:

  • Flavor is absolutely BOMB = 10/10
  • Texture is a bit runnier than the other ones and I do love a more solid texture so I might try and add a bit less water = 9/10


  • Flavor is okay, but could of used a bit more depth in it so I’ll give it 8/10
  • Texture wise I love this one! This has a more solid texture and has the feel of a risotto! I love it = 10/10

Mexican Chilli:

  • Flavor didn’t like this one, is my least favorite. Didn’t taste like chilli at all and I think I don’t like it because the taste of cumin is a bit overwhelming (and I don’t like cumin)? Don’t know if there is actually cumin in it, but it tastes like it! I will try it again tho, maybe I just messed up the cooking part. So for now 3/10
  • Texture was great, just as the tomato one! = 10/10


  • Flavor I LOVED this one! I am normally not a spicy kind of gal but this tastes so amazing and not that spicy at all. Not the kind of spicy that you have to drink some water and your mouth is on fire, but spicy like there is so much depth in this dish! = 10/10
  • Texture: loved the texture same as the tomato&herb one = 10/10


  • Flavor: didn’t know I would like this one, but it surprised me! Not my all time favorite but I do like it = 8/10
  • Texture: felt more like a porridge texture, so less grainy. I do like it a bit more if there are some chewy parts in it so texture wise it gets an 8/10

Thanks so much @Bee and @Charls for your reviews! Sorry Bee you aren’t a fan of the Sweet and Sour, good shout on mixing half and half - I feel like with Huel that is always a good solution! I’m sure we’ll come up with another flavour bomb you love. What’s your favourite at the moment, the TGC?

Charlotte that review is so good, thanks for taking the time. I assume you adapted @David’s testing protocol for this very scientific test? :laughing: Can’t believe though that Mexican is your least favourite on flavour! Mex, TGC and now Madras are jostling for top spot for me!

Keep the reviews coming guys, would love to hear more!

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No problem at all Tim! I love to review products! Hahaha I didn’t exactly do it like David :joy:, but I did make a half of a scoop of each flavor and then compared each taste and texture to each other :blush: Yeah I was surprised too that I didn’t like the Mexican Chilli one, but maybe something went wrong with the cooking part so I’ll try it again! But just out of curiosity: Is there cumin in it? :crazy_face:

Have a great day Tim!

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Yes @Tim_Huel TGC definitely tops my list. I love Korma too but, sadly, my gut doesn’t take kindly to sultanas which I hadn’t thought about when ordering a bag. I have to spit them out or suffer.

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I registered for this forum for the sole purpose of saying how unbelievably DELICIOUS new Korma (Yellow Coconut Curry) Hot & Savory is! My goodness, it’s FANTASTIC! Beyond all expectations. The sultanas are such a wonderful addition!!! Sweet & Sour is good, too. GUYS I LOVE YOU! You make healthy eating much easier.
PS. This is coming from a person who strongly dislikes the taste of the HUEL powder!


Ah Anastasia thank you so much! Love to hear this and we love you too! Thanks for taking the time to tell us :heart_eyes:


S&S works well with TGC, one scoop of each. Similarly a scoop of each T&H and TGC. Very versatile flavours.


Madras is really nice but, Mexican Chilli is just the best. Well done Huel.

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Howdy folks. First-time poster. I am as nuts about Huel as everybody else here - convinced it will follow and outdo Gymshark commercially. Truly a brand for the ages so kudos to Julian and the team. Anyway, ordered H&S, loved Thai, Mexican, and Madras but hated Sweet & Sour, could barely eat it tbh.

Overall though H&S is an excellent product and I will continue to buy it for as long as you sell it.