Huel Hot and Savoury: What's your favourite combination?

Hello fellow Hueligans!

I created this topic as it’s known that some of us have talked about our favourite combinations of H+S Flavours. NOM :yum:

So has anybody tried combining their H+S Flavours?? Please share!

I tried 50g Madras and 50g Sweet & Sour today and whoooo boy was it tasty!! It was a sad moment when my Madras became empty (sigh)

I added 240ml boiling water and left it for 6-8 minutes. It was nice and T H I C C not too thicc mind juuuuust the right thiccness hahah (some people on here just like it thick :frowning: )

The madras came through mostly but the S+S added a nice delicate touch to it.

Here are results (pic not as flattering as it was)

I’m adding where this topic got inspiration from and the suggestion to start it. Here’s the beginning thread/replies. Please add away!! :smiley:

Hahha nice! I will test some and then post my favourite combination :slight_smile:

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Right I just finished my meal if Madras and sweet and sour. I agree it did get really thick and was actually really tasty. I was surprised. I did add some nooch.


Can’t say I have even thought about mixing, I am more than happy with the flavours I am given

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Yaaaaas! I was pleasantly surprised also :smiley:


I first tried it when I had not enough left of one bag, so I mixed the near empty one with a fresh bag. madras + sweet & sour is a must

Why not experiment next time you have a little left?! You’ll always have up to 50g left so worth a try at least :slight_smile:

Warning ~ prone to getting hooked onto H+S combos is likely :man_shrugging:

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Same here, had a scoop of TGC and a scoop of Sweet and Sour. I wouldn’t recommend putting those together, it was a while ago but seem to remember it being quite strange. Not horrible, I love both the flavours, but just a bit strange!

One I really like is Madras + T&H. If I’ve run out of Mexican Chilli then that kind of is a nod to it I think!