Hot and savory mini review

hi I’m on my second shipment of hot and savory

here are my thoughts for what it’s worth
first you get a much better result from weighing the huel than measure the scoops

tried 4 flavours

madras is really nice in both flavour and texture definitely my favourite

chilli is to mild for my taste but it’s ok if you add spice of your own and use slightly less water for a better texture

Tomato and herb is very bland I have to pep this up and have it with bread

the final one I’ve tried today is Thai Green curry tried it today and have to say managed 3 spoon fulls and I couldn’t do anymore, if anyone likes this flavour and they want to pay the postage it’s yours

Have to agree with you, it’s the worst one IMO

I do like the Thai Green Curry though. Are you shaking the bags before you measure out the contents?

Great to hear your views on this! We’re all so different, but clearly you’re all about that spice! I find the madras usually a litttttle too spicy for me, I love to mix it a little with the Tomato & Herb. It’s all about finding what you like, it’s expected you won’t like all of them so I’m glad you’ve found the ones you love!


yep I’m shaking the bag every time

if you’re near York come get the Thai curry not sure I’ll ever eat it :slight_smile:

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Bit to far I am afraid, there is a facebook group called “Huel - buy, sell, swap” you could try.

I like mixing my Madras with Korma (also curry-style) and my mexican chili with Tomato & Herb!

Sweet & Sour I couldn’t get right at all, my least favorite unfortunately because I love sweet n sour!


I find the best results when I use the required amount of boiling water but also cook it in the microwave. I usually then stir in some cold water to thin it out again and cool it down. Otherwise, you still get dehydrated pieces. Korma and Madras is nice mixed and not so hot. :blush:

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I’m in York and happy to take it off your hands! Want to PM me your details? Or post on the Facebook page?

I found that it doesn’t always fully cook either.
now I use the Huel cup and follow the directions but leave the lid on for 10 minutes and not 5

Ditto. I think 5 mins is way too short a time for a good result.

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I also leave the lid on longer than 5 minutes, not quite 10

I tend to leave the lid on for 5-6 minutes, then stir again and then close again for 1-2 minutes. Results have been good so far, very little dehydrated pieces!

Mexican chili tends to require a little bit more water, korma a little less. i’m getting to know my flavors and/or how I like my H&S!

In case this helps anyone else, I’ve found mixing the H&S Huel with water in a sealable tupperware container or similar, and then leaving in the fridge for six or so hours, gives a much nicer result - the food is much more-thoroughly rehydrated and the flavours seem to come out a lot better.

Just my 2p-worth, of course :slight_smile:


Have you tried using the Huel H&S pot with top screwed on?

No, why Bee? :slightly_smiling_face:

I think she was asking if the effect was the same using the serving/mixing tub instead of Tupperware to maximise convenience :slight_smile:

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Just wondered why you were suggesting a Tupperware container instead of the Huel pot

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Ohh! Only because I can make up two or three at a time, plus those clippy tupperwares with a rubber seal can be chucked in a bag without worrying they might leak :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Aha! NOW I understand :laughing:

I wouldn’t have thought of this. Do you then reheat it? how?