Do the "hot & savoury" options taste as advertised?

I’m excited about the hot & savoury options, but I’m also scared they’ll be a huge letdown in terms of flavour. Do they taste as good as - or close to - non-healthy alternatives e.g. if I got Huel T&H, would the taste be close to that of a non-healthy T&H ready-meal? Or do they just somewhat resemble the advertised taste? Or do they taste bland?

I’m asking because Huel Powder and Huel Bar were a big disappointment to me in terms of flavour (but I still eat/drink them in order to try to be healthier).

lots of threads on these already if you have a search around - with peoples varying opinions and options for adding to or combining different H&S’s for different tastes.

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I had searched for “hot & savoury”, “hot & savoury flavour”, “hot & savoury good” and a few others, but had found nothing. After your comment I tried a few others, and with “hot & savoury bland” I found Hot & Savoury - Bland?. My conclusion from that is some found it bland, others didn’t. This somewhat helps me. But it still doesn’t answer my question of whether it tastes as advertised or, like the powder one, it only resembles the advertised flavour.

I’m probably not using the right keywords to search for this. Can you please help me with that?

I can say categorically that Tomato & Herb really does taste as expected, only better. And this seems to be a fairly widely shared opinion.

And while I’m here - welcome to the forum!

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Awesome to hear that! I’ve also been watching youtube reviews for the past few hours, and everyone seems to enjoy T&H (and hate Thai Green Curry). I will try it. I love spicy food, so I’m considering getting Madras as well. Have you tried other flavours? Anything you’d recommend? I’m aware taste is very personal, so I won’t blame you if I don’t like the recommendations :slight_smile:.

That was my post about it being bland. I’ve only tried the Thai Green Curry, I returned the other unopened bag of Thai Green Curry and the Tomato and Herb. I do think I had a dodgy batch though, especially when I’ve read other people saying they’ve had bland bags and really good bags… I think I must have got unlucky, because it really didn’t taste of anything even though thoroughly mixed . I made sure to finish the whole bag just to make sure if wasn’t a one off. And I didn’t have Covid before that gets brought up :smile:

I’m really tempted to order some Madras and Chilli because I REALLY want to like it, but it’ll have to wait til I’m feeling flush and can justify it.

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I’ve got the Thai stuff but I really don’t like it, and it bloated me - first Huel product to do that.

I have Mexican Chilli tottery next. I’ll keep ye posted…

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For me, Thai Green Curry is spot on - and I love Thai food. Mexican chilli also very accurate, the different types of heat are very markedly different just as they should be.

Personally not a fan of tomato and herb, tried to spice it up with loads of stuff but just didn’t get on with it. Obviously we all have different tastes so your mileage may vary - I’m looking forward to ordering some Korma later this week when I refresh my H&S bags as I’m down to about 10 meals left now. Can’t risk missing out! :joy:

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You can have my spat out sultanas if you want :laughing:


Have to say, on this occasion, I have had somewhat more tempting offers in the past! :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::joy:


Not regurgitated, just spat out. Nice and clean they are :innocent:

I haven’t tried them but would be a difficult one to gauge over a forum, I bought 2 boxes of bars following rave comments on here but found them pretty dry and bland .

I’d like to try the meals but not prepared to risk £60 on them at present


The bars took me a short while I agree although I think having them with the shakes undoubtedly helped immensely as I acquired the taste. They’re great now mind.

The H&S Thai Green Curry tho, just opening the bag and mixing the contents around had me really interested, then when I stirred it and put the pot lid on I made the mistake of tasting the spoon and was positively salivating.

In fairness I’d been on nothing but Huel shakes and bars for about three weeks at that point but wow does it pack an outstanding flavour punch.

Tomato & Herb just wasn’t for me, if I give 10/10 to TGC then I think Mexican chili is a solid 8/10 - tastes great, reliable performer.


Thanks for all the comments everyone. My biggest fear was for the H&S flavours to be like the Powder flavours, which at best resemble the advertised flavour, and not in a good way. I can deal with a bad sweet taste, but a savoury one is much harder. Knowing that what is being advertised is what I will get helps a lot.

I’m going to start with Madras, T&H and either Mexican Chilli or Thai Curry.


Very different kinds of product too. With the chili for example, you get actual rice and beans and whatnot so the texture is totally a different experience than the powders.

I’m not particularly creative when it comes to describing things but I normally say it’s a bit more akin to a super healthy pot noodle than anything else. I’ll probably get shouted down for that - and no I don’t think there are even noodles in there lol but it’s pretty unique so I struggle to explain it.

I’ve actually chucked some prawns into the TGC and they really weren’t out of place. Likewise I’ve had the chili in a taco shell with lettuce, cheese and soured cream and again, it worked really well. As I stated previously, YMMV.


I found the Thai Green Curry was way to watery with the recommended amount of water. I found using 180ml of water made a more edible meal but I would much rather have the Mexican Chili over the Thai as it tastes so much nicer to me.

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I must be 1 of the very few who is not keen on the hot and savoury options. I tried the thai curry and tomato and herb when they first went on sale. Sadly I have not finished either of the bags and I have the other bag still unopened.
A noodle option with mushrooms (sorry @Talort ) I would probably like. I think it was the texture I did not like plus I found the thai curry too spicy for me. I tried adding coconut yogurt to it but sadly its not for me.
I suffer from acid reflux so perhaps that did not help either. :roll_eyes:

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Oh @vsc i am touched you remember my mushroom issue!

It’s a shame it’s not for you, they really do make a lovey impact and change if you can get along with them. Maybe the mushroom risotto will happen, I have enough flavours I’m comfortable with so happy to let you guys have that one :wink:

I’m tried Korma, madras, Mexican chilli and sweet and sour and I’ve loved them all.

Sweet and sour is my least favourite and not sure I will get that one again but the others are amazing.


@ vcs: The flavour you want is offered by Jimmy Joy; their Plenny Pot is the equivalent of Huel H&S.
I have not tried either of them as I am on a full liquid diet, so I can’t tell you whether it is good, though.